Relax, reset and recharge on a Ragdale Hall Spa fitness and wellness retreat

Jul 12, 2021
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Make your wellbeing a priority in 2022 with the help of one of award-winning Ragdale Hall Spa’s new fitness and wellness retreats, and have space to breathe, relax and recharge, whilst indulging in blissful relaxation amid the soul-soothing Leicestershire countryside. From our more mindful retreats – Serene Sleep, Mindful Pilates or our brand-new Mindful Martial Arts Break, to our popular Real Life Yoga Breaks with Meg Jackson, Pilates with Cherry Baker or hip-shaking Dancercise – which one will you choose?


Serene Sleep Break

Sunday 13th – Tuesday 15th November 2022

If you’re struggling to catch those much-needed Zzzz’s, then our two-night Serene Sleep Break could be your ideal wellness retreat. Through a variety of workshops and sessions, including Guided Meditation, Deep Relaxation Yoga, Yoga with Sound Bathing Meditation and Tranquil Tai Chi, plus two evening workshops, our team of in-house experts will help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Prices start from £194.50 per person per night.


Mindful Martial Arts

Sunday 26th – Tuesday 28th June 2022


A brand-new mindful fitness break for 2022 – the ancient martial art of Tai Chi offers the ultimate antidote to the vagaries of life in the 21st century, allowing you to refocus your mind and restore your body. Featuring unique classes, the Mindful Martial Arts Break is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your daily routine and enjoy the many health benefits that can be derived from meditation in motion. With prices starting from £194.50 per person per night, you’ll learn new skills in a peaceful, restorative environment.


Pilates with Cherry Baker

Sunday 23rd – Tuesday 25th January 2022

Sunday 25th – Tuesday 27th September 2022 (experienced)

Whether you regularly practice Pilates or have attended a Pilates Break at Ragdale before, strengthen and tone your whole body as you relax and recharge in glorious countryside surroundings on the Pilates Break hosted by renowned Pilates industry expert, Cherry Baker. Pilates is relaxing and stress-relieving and helps to reduce tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders. It is also suitable for those recovering from back problems to runners, exercise enthusiasts or dancers keen to benefit from increased flexibility and core stability. Prices start from £208.50 per person per night.


Mindful Pilates hosted by Nicola Bowen Jones

Sunday 3rd July – Tuesday 5th July 2022

If you enjoy Pilates but prefer taking it at a slower, more mindful pace, then the Mindful Pilates Retreat led by experienced teacher Nicola Bowen-Jones could be your perfect retreat. The Mindful Pilates break includes a fusion of gentle Pilates movements, stretching, and relaxation techniques including mindfulness practices. All experience levels are welcome. Prices start from £208.50 per person per night.


Real Life Yoga Breaks

Sunday 30th January – Tuesday 1st February 2022 – Un-Bendy Beginners

Saturday 7th May – Monday 9th May 2022 – Building On The Basics

Saturday 3rd September – Monday 5th September 2022 – Finding Your Flow

Feel zen on the Real Life Yoga Break hosted by Meg Jackson and discover how you can become the best version of you – in real life. You’ll be able to choose from three experience levels, depending on your ability.

“Yoga is about being curious, not a contortionist. It’s about using amazing practices so that you can become the best version of you – in real life. If we want to live a truly healthy and happy life, it’s essential to get every bit of us working in harmony.” – Meg Jackson

Prices start from £208.50 per person per night.


Dancercise Breaks

Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th July 2022

Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th October 2022

Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th November 2022


If you prefer working up a sweat in style, then our two-night Dancercise Break will help you put your best foot forward in truly ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fashion. Our activity timetable features a range of popular dance workouts, but this is your chance to be among a friendly group to try your hand (or feet!) at some new ones too, all choreographed specifically for this event by our amazingly creative team and led by award-winning trainer, Dean Hodgkin, who has headed up dance projects for top brands such as Nike and Reebok. Prices for Ragdale Hall’s Dancercise Break start from £194.50 per person per night.


Ragdale Hall Spa’s fitness and wellness breaks include a choice of treatments, all meals and use of all **facilities. To enquire about one of the above breaks or to book onto a fitness break, please call Reservations on 01664 433000 or email

*Prices are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

**Services and facilities may change in line with the latest government guidance.

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