Treatments and Activities
How far in advance should I book my treatments?

We recommend any treatments are booked at least 14 days in advance, however you can book them much earlier than this if you wish.

Can I visit Ragdale Hall just to have a treatment?

If you wish to book treatments you must have a spa day or spa break reservation.

Can I have treatments if I have existing health issues or if I'm pregnant?

If you have any medical conditions or health issue, please refer to the contra-indication symbols on the centre pages when choosing your treatments. Here you will find clear reference to the main contra-indications where certain treatments may not be advisable.  It is your responsibility to ensure the treatments and activities you select are suitable for you. If you have any health concerns, please consult your GP prior to your visit. Treatment suitability will only be confirmed on arrival, subject to Health Questionnaire completion.

We have a specifically designed treatment for expectant mothers, however during the first trimester treatments may be limited, so please contact us prior to booking treatments for extra help and advice.

What should be worn for Treatments?

We suggest you wear underwear or swimwear and a robe for most treatments. For some specialised holistic therapies like Thai Massage and Shiatsu, loose, comfortable clothing is most appropriate. No jewellery should be worn when attending treatments.

Can I upgrade my inclusive treatments to exclusives?

Some of your inclusive treatments can be upgraded at an additional cost. We may be able to exchange some inclusive treatments, particularly if they clash with other specialised treatments, or if it is due to a medical reason.

Can you send me a copy of my Treatment and Activity Planner (schedule) before my visit?

We are unable to confirm treatment schedules in advance of your arrival as they could be subject to change, however our Treatment Advisors will endeavour to accommodate your requests for both treatments and fitness classes.

If you would like to see your schedule in advance we strongly recommend you talk to one of our friendly Treatment Advisors on 01664 433043 who will be happy to give you an idea of how we have scheduled your treatments before you arrive.

Will our treatments be at the same time?

We understand that when guests come to Ragdale Hall they want to spend as much time together as possible.  Our schedulers try to put treatments together however sometimes it is not possible due to the size of the salon and complex nature of the scheduling system.

Can I have the treatment in the same cubicle as my friend/partner?

Unfortunately we do not have any dual cubicles.  All our treatments are carried out in private cubicles with the exception of manicures and pedicures and all Beauty Express treatments.

What happens if I need to cancel a treatment?

Any treatments cancelled within 12 hours of the appointed time will incur a 50% charge. No shows will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment.

Between what hours will me treatments be scheduled?

Treatments are scheduled between 9.00am – 7.30pm daily. We are happy to take treatment timing requests, but we cannot confirm times until your arrival.

Can I have a very firm massage?

If you prefer a firm massage we recommend you book Lava Shells Massage, Balinese Massage, Elemis Deep Tissue Massage or Decleor Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser Massage.

NB: Some of our body massages work deep into the muscles and as a result may cause some soreness or discomfort during or after the treatment, and in some cases, may leave a temporary mark or bruise.

Can you make sure my treatments don't clash with a fitness class I would like to take part in?

We are unable to confirm treatment schedules in advance of your arrival as they could be subject to change, however our Treatment Advisors will endeavour to accommodate your requests for both treatments and fitness classes.

Can I request what time I have my treatments?

Our Treatments team are able to take requests for treatment times, however due to the size of the salon and complex nature of the scheduling system they are unable to confirm these requests until you arrive.

Where are the cycles kept?

In the bike shed which is located outside the front of the Hall, adjacent to the Verandah Bar Terrace.  Exit the front of the Hall, turn right and walk to the end of the building

Do you have a golf course?

No we have a small pitch and putt in our grounds and also there is a private golf course very close by – their telephone number is 01509 881225 and a round is £16 during the week and £20 at weekends, you can just turn up on a week day but will need to book at a weekend.

Do you provide maps for walking and cycling routes?

You can obtain various routes for walks and cycling from our Gym.  The 2 mile walk is half on road and half off road.  The 6 mile walk is all on road and is 3 miles there and 3 miles back.  There is an off road route, however we recommend you do not take this route as you would need to walk through cattle fields.




Where do we meet for swimming lessons?

By the exercise pool, in your swimming costume.

Where do we meet for classes and activities?

You should wait on the seats just outside the Gym for all classes and activities and the Instructors will collect you from there.

Do you have to book the Tennis courts?

If you would like to play at a particular time we would advise you to.  The courts don’t get very busy but it would ensure you get the time you want.

Where do I get a locker key from for the changing room next to the Gym?

Front of House Reception can issue you a key for this area.

Do I have to have done this class before to join in?

Only if the class states Intermediate or Advanced next to it on the timetable.

I don't have any trainers - can I do the class without?

We would advise you don’t do the class without trainers.  Due to the nature of the class you need trainers to support and protect your ankles and feet.

What should be worn for fitness activities?

Yoga, Pilates and Stretch classes are fine to do barefoot but for all other classes and when using the Gym, we advise suitable footwear is worn.  Fitness apparel is ideal for all classes but loose comfortable fitting leisure wear would also suffice.

Is it necessary to book exercise classes?

The only classes you need to book are denoted by an asterisk on the fitness timetable.  To book any class marked with an asterisk simply call into the Gym on extension 318.

Food & Beverage
What times are breakfast, lunch and dinner served?

Breakfast is served in rooms at between 7.30am and 7.45am or 8.00am and 8.30am. Alternatively a later option is served in the Verandah Bar between 9.00am and 9.30am.

Lunch is served between 11.30am & 1.45pm.

Dinner is served between 6.00pm & 8.15pm.

Can a non resident join a resident for lunch/dinner?

Yes at a cost of £26.00 for lunch and £34.50 for dinner – bookable with the Dining Room – pop in or call them on extension 354.  This is subject to availability.

Can I get a glass of wine with my meal?

Yes.  We have a fantastic selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wines including some organic, biodynamic and English options.  Pimm’s and lager is also available, we do not offer spirits.

All wine can be charged to your room or locker number.

As a special treat you can also order Champagne and canapés in the Garden Room at the end of your day or before your meal.

Can I save my wine for the next day?

Yes you can!  Just ask your waiter or waitress to store it for you.

How does lunch work?

We offer a 3 course lunch with starters served at your table and then a help yourself buffet full of hot and cold main dishes and salads. Our dessert buffet offers a mouthwatering display of individual desserts along with a choice of fresh fruit, yoghurts or our dessert of the day.

Is it ok to dine in my bedroom?

Yes it is, the room service menu provides options for this.  Please mark your choices on the Room Service Menu which you will find in your room and return to a member of staff at Main Reception or the Dining Room before 5.00pm.

We have a bar – what alcohol do we serve?

We offer bottled beer, wine, Champagne, Pimms and a range of cocktails which are available from both the Garden Room and Verandah Bar from 3.00pm onwards.  Our ethos is healthy living, but we understand alcohol helps some guests relax, however we’d always recommend it is consumed in moderation.

Can I wear a bathrobe for dinner/why do you allow bathrobes at dinner?

We encourage guests to relax and not worry about having to get dressed or put make up on for dinner, also guests may be coming straight from a treatment into dinner.  However, if you prefer to dress for dinner feel free to do so.

What should be worn for dining?

There is no dress code in the Dining Room, even for your evening meal, although we do ask that footwear is worn. We would also ask that wet swimwear is not worn underneath robes.  Basically whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Do we have to stick to our meal times in the Dining Room?

Yes please!  As with your treatments we arrange meal times so that we can give each guest the absolute best service.  If, however, you would like to move your time, please see a member of the team who will let you know what times we have available. If you are late for a meal time we may ask you to return at a more suitable time.

Why don't we serve traditional English breakfasts?

Most guests prefer the luxury of breakfast in bed although an option to have table service in the Verandah bar is also available. A comprehensive menu of delicious and unusual dishes provides choice and variety and we also offer a small selection of some savoury items that are served hot.

Can I have extra milk/shampoo/pillows etc. for my room?

Yes, please call Housekeeping on extension 349 before 6pm, alternatively ring reception and they will organise to bring what you need to your room.

Can I have a lightweight robe?

Yes, please call Housekeeping on 349 and they will happily bring one to your room.  We only have size XL.

Can we buy the SpaFind products that are in the changing rooms?

Yes, at the Beauty Shop.

Do you offer a group discount?

We do not offer group discount as our prices are based on dates rather than numbers.

To preserve the quiet and relaxing atmosphere there are certain conditions you need to agree to before making a group booking.  Call Reservations on 01664 433000 for further details.

Why don’t you usually do one night stays?

We have found through feedback from our guests that to truly benefit from the Ragdale experience, 1 night is not enough. We do however offer 1 night stays at late availability via our website.

Why can't I reserve a particular room number?

We are unable to guarantee specific rooms for individuals as we have guests arriving on different dates for different lengths of stay. In order to be able to allocate rooms to each reservation for the required number of nights, without needing to change rooms, we need to be fully flexible in respect of which booking goes to which room. If you do have a preference we will naturally do our best to accommodate this request however for the reasons outlined previously this can not be guaranteed.

What’s the difference between room types?

Economy rooms are small with a restricted view

Standard rooms are larger than Economy rooms but often have a restricted view

Standard Plus rooms are similar to Superior rooms but with a restricted view

Superior rooms are large rooms with lovely garden or countryside views

Superior Plus rooms are the largest of the Superior rooms with beautiful interiors and views

Suites (we have 3) are beautiful spacious rooms with separate lounge space.  One has a terrace and one has a balcony.

Is the price quoted per room or per person?

Prices are per person unless otherwise stated

Why can’t I arrive before the time stated on my confirmation?

To ensure we offer all our guests maximum benefit from their visit we do need to stagger arrival times. This allows us to provide an efficient service to all guests, whilst delivering the highest levels of customer care.

Your arrival time is dependant upon the package you have booked and will be indicated on your confirmation letter.

Do you offer a loyalty discount scheme?

As there are so many guests with so many different needs, it would be very difficult to set up a single and easily managed scheme to suit everyone.

We recognise and value the custom of our regular guests and have a number of initiatives that reward loyalty.  Those include the “Return Offer” and exclusive promotions made available to our regular guests throughout the year via our mailings and email database.

We really appreciate your support of Ragdale Hall and hope you will return soon.

Why don’t you do a package without any inclusive treatments?

Ragdale is not a hotel and part of coming to a health spa is the joined up approach of relaxation, pampering, healthy eating and exercise.  We have created packages to suit all needs and pockets and carefully chosen the inclusive treatments within them.

Why do you pay more for single rooms?

Whilst the nightly rate is higher in a single room, the guest does have exclusive access to the in room facilities rather than having to share these with another guest. In addition the servicing costs are just as high for one guest in a single room as it is for two guests sharing.

What are the Spa opening times?

Our Main pool, Exercise pool and changing facilities are open from 7.30am – 10.00pm. The Rooftop pool and Lounge are open from 8.00am until 10.00pm and the Thermal Spa is open from 9.00am until 10.00pm.  The outdoor pool is only open in daylight hours during the summer months.

How deep is the Main Pool and what temperature is it?

The main pool is 4 foot/1.2 metres deep and the temperature is 30.5°C. The Exercise pool is also 30.5 C, and ranges in depth from 0.9m to 1.5m

Is the outdoor pool heated?

Yes during the summer opening months.

What spa facilities can pregnant women use?

The Main pool and Exercise pool are suitable for use by pregnant guests, however, we do not recommend you use any of the Thermal Spa facilities or the Rooftop pool due to the higher water temperature. Use of these facilities is at your own discretion and largely depends on your pregnancy and whether you have any other medical conditions associated to/caused by your pregnancy.

We would advise you to seek advice from your doctor before booking your visit.

Should I leave my shoes at the Spa reception?

Although shelving is provided in the Spa Reception, we would always advise you to leave shoes in a locker. We do have a number of small lockers ideal just for shoes and small items to be locked away whilst you use facilities. We cannot be held responsible for any items left unattended in the Spa.

Why isn’t the Thermal Spa open before 9.00am?

With such a technical building, many pre-opening checks need to be done prior to opening.  The rooms also need time to heat up to the specified temperature.

Why do I need to fill in a Health Questionnaire every time I come when I'm a very regular guest?

Because your health and any specific conditions may have changed and we need to be sure that we are advising you correctly of suitability for treatments. If once you have read through the Health Questionnaire, you have nothing to tell us about, you may now simply sign and date the front page.

Can I smoke outside or on my bedroom balcony?

Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers) is restricted to the Smokers Gazebo only.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere else in the grounds or on balconies.

Where is the nearest train station?

Melton Mowbray or Loughborough. Leicester and Nottingham stations are a little further away but may give access to more frequent, direct or quicker trains.

What do I wear around the hall?

Anything you feel comfortable in. There is no dress code for dining, other than we request that you wear footwear at all times and avoid using public areas of the Hall in damp swimwear.

What should we bring with us?

Very little, as the atmosphere is relaxed, most guests choose to wear mules, slippers or flip flops (flip flops are provided with all spa breaks, the Divine Day and Ragdale’s Ultimate Day) and tracksuits, leisurewear or robes (robes are provided) at all times. Suitable trainers must be worn for all classes and gym sessions and swimsuits are needed for the spa and pool areas.

We advise you not to wear jewellery or bring valuables as you will need to take these off during treatments and we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage incurred to your belongings.

Can I bring someone under the age of 16 years?

No, our minimum guest age is 16.

How many bedrooms do you have?

93 (including 4 in The Lodge)

Why do we not have air conditioning in bedrooms?

From past experience and close monitoring, there are very few days in the year when air conditioning is required. The cost and disruption to guests to fit air conditioning in our bedrooms or in public areas of the Hall would be substantial and is simply not viable for the number of days this is required. In addition, we do have a limited power supply to the Hall. We feel the money is better spent on improving other services and facilities.

What is the mobile phone policy?

To preserve the quiet and relaxed ambience here at Ragdale please DO NOT use your mobile phone to make or take calls in public areas. Please respect your fellow guests and use the privacy of your room if you need to speak on your mobile.

If you wish to use your mobile or any other device to take photographs, please do so quietly and discreetly, and ensure there are no other guests in any of your images.

When accessing the internet, listening to music or watching any kind of media on your device, headphones must be worn and the respect of others relaxing around you should be considered.

The Ragdale Team will endeavour to approach any guest talking on their phone or spoiling the peace and quiet whilst using their device, in a public area.

Can I come and just use the facilities or have a treatment?

No, you need to book a spa day or spa break.  However, our Hair Salon is accessible to outside clients and should you need to visit our Boutique, Gift Shop or Beauty Shop, you may do so if you sign in at Reception.  You will be given an hour from the time you signed in.  This access is purely to the retail areas only.

We also offer a Ragdale Experience Day which is designed for those who have specific treatment requirements and want to plan their own day, or guests who wish

Why don’t you insist on silence in all areas?

Everyone relaxes in different ways – some seek solitude, some company and the chance to chat.  The Retreat, the Candle Pool and Thought Zone are ‘silent – keep noise to a minimum’ areas. For the rest of the Hall we feel that guests should have the opportunity to use facilities as they wish.

Where is our luggage stored?

In one of our two secure luggage stores.

Can the Porters fetch our luggage from our room?

Yes – please call our porters on extension 300 or Main Reception on Extension 388 and the Hall Porters will fetch your luggage and store it until you are ready to leave the Hall. On departure, they will be happy to collect your car and load your luggage for you.

Do you do anything special for birthdays or celebrations?

We offer a range of welcome gifts which include flowers, champagne and chocolates.  See our Online Shop to order online or call 01664 434831.

Is the car park secure?

Yes we have a fully operational CCTV installed and barriers both on the car park and our drive during night time hours. However, Ragdale Hall cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage to your car whilst parked in our car park.

Can I use my laptop?

You can use your laptop in the privacy of your room or in our Guest Wifi Room. To help us preserve the relaxing ambience around the Hall for all guests, we ask that you do not used laptops in public areas of the Hall.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, however due to our rural location the connection is not suitable for downloading large files, however you can browse the internet and email free of charge.

Why are flip flops/slippers not included in our spa day package?

At Ragdale we offer many services that are included in the price of your spa day such as; meals, exercise classes, use of the extensive spa and fitness facilities.  Other establishments will charge extra for these.  Therefore, as not all spa day guests require slippers/flip flops, we keep the cost of these out of the price of spa day packages (apart from the Divine and Ragdale’s Ultimate Day) and then give guests the option to purchase slippers/flip flops from the Boutique should they wish to.

Please note – a complimentary pair of Ragdale Hall flip flops are included in every spa break package.

Why can't you just book a taxi for me?

From experience we find that the arrangement is more seamless when guests book with the taxi company directly.

There is a list of recommended taxi companies on our ‘How to Find Us’ page on our website