May 23, 2024


Remaining active as we age can make a significant contribution towards maintaining independence and allowing us to indulge in all aspects of life through every chapter.

Our award-winning fitness expert, Dean Hodgkin, shares a guide to exercise as we age.


This is the time when bone density is increasing so it’s vital to exercise appropriately, in order to lay down as much bone tissue as possible. Cardio activity should be weight bearing, so opt for high impact aerobics and aim for 2 weights sessions per week. Our popular Lift class is a great way to ease yourself into weight training in a safe and effective way. Your target working heart rate is at its maximum now, so don’t be afraid to push yourself that little bit harder for maximum results. You are also at your most flexible around now, but don’t let this lead you into a false sense of security, this will decline as you age so don’t skip your post workout stretching.



During your 30’s you might notice the first signs of the ageing process. Muscle tissue of the upper arms (unsympathetically labelled, bingo wings) begin to show. By Increasing weight training to 3 times per week helping to strengthen this area. As this could be the decade of childbearing, time can often be an issue, but rest assured busy mums, when it comes to cardio workouts, 3 x 10 minutes is just as effective and brings the same calorie-burning benefits as a single 30-minute session. Bone density is at its peak, so choose weight-bearing exercises such as jogging or plyometrics, jumping exercises that feature in our HIIT classes.



The metabolic rate is slowing now, together with a change in hormone levels, so you may experience those extra few pounds that you just cant seem to shift. In addition, your target working heart rate declines, so it’s important to lower the intensity but increase the duration of your cardio workouts to burn fat. Start to think about protecting your joints from wear and tear by opting for low impact exercise with classes such as B.L.T (Bum, legs and Tums) , switch jogging for powerwalking and swap high impact aerobics for Apex cycle sessions. Weight training should remain a staple of your exercise diet, not only to counter the inevitable muscle loss but also to give the requisite strength to tackle your daily tasks.



It’s vital to maintain activity levels as the risk of heart disease increases and bone density decreases due to the lowering of oestrogen levels, post-menopause. Our Circuit class is ideal, as it combines cardio and strength work, so ticks all the required boxes. This is the time when stiffness is noticeable, particularly in the lower spine, so flexibility work is recommended. Consider Yoga and also Core board to improve posture and so protect your back.



Think about activities that are easier on the joints, as the thinning of cartilage and stiffening of the tendons and ligaments leave them a little more susceptible to injury. Our wide range of Aqua sessions are perfect since this allows for the muscles to work against the water resistance for toning benefits, but the buoyancy supports the joints. Striding out should be the prime cardio option whether in the form of an early morning shopping centre walk before opening time, a ‘stride’ session on the treadmill or you could try our Countryside Stroll. Resistance training sessions remain valuable, but the emphasis should now shift to practicing functional strength exercises to mimic everyday movements and so make them easier to perform.


For a truly personalised roadmap to healthy ageing, contact our Heart + Soul Fitness Team on ext 318 or for details of our bespoke fitness programme ‘Stay Young’.

You can also see ‘What’s On’ at the Hall and view our Fitness Timetables here to find your perfect workout

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