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Mar 07, 2022
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The benefits of regular activity are well documented and remaining active as we age can make a significant contribution towards getting the most out of life, and the good news is it’s never too late to start making positive changes to reverse the ageing process. Age well with Stay Young, part of our NEW JUMP START Bespoke Fitness Programmes which can help to kick-start your fitness journey, giving you the knowledge you need to become a healthier, happier you.

Your 20’s

Make the most of your strong bones by incorporating high-impact cardio activity into your fitness routine, such as high impact aerobics, and aim for at least two weight sessions per week. Your target working heart rate is at its maximum now, so you can really push yourself to get the most out of your cardio. You are also at your most flexible around now, but it’s important not to skip your post workout stretching – dedicate at least ten minutes before a workout to stretching and aim to lengthen the muscles in the whole body.


Your 30’s

Did you know that from age 35 your bone mass can start to decrease from on average 1% per year? It’s not all doom and gloom: by incorporating regular exercise you can help to combat and reduce this process. The important thing to remember is that the earlier you start exercising, the better will be your long-term chances of remaining fit, healthy and active in later life. To keep your metabolism in check, you can increase your training to three times per week with a focus on triceps, abdominals and glutes. Bone density is at its peak, so choose weight-bearing exercises such as jogging or plyometrics.


Your 40’s

As your target working heart rate declines, it’s important to lower the intensity but increase the duration of your cardio workouts to burn fat. Start to think about protecting your joints from wear and tear by opting for low impact exercise with classes such as LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums), switch jogging for powerwalking and swap high impact aerobics for APEX cycle sessions. Weight training should remain a staple in your exercise routine, not only to counteract potential muscle loss but also to improve your overall strength to tackle your daily tasks – whether it’s carrying shopping bags or doing the gardening!


Your 50’s

It’s vital to maintain activity levels in this decade, as your changing hormone levels can affect bone density. Circuit training is ideal, as it combines cardio and strength work, so ticks all the required boxes. This is the time when stiffness is noticeable, particularly in the lower spine, so flexibility work is recommended such as Yoga and Pilates. At Ragdale Hall, as part of Heart + Soul Fitness we recommend WAVE, YOGA and our COREBOARD fitness classes to improve posture and protect your spine.


Your 60’s and beyond

The good news is that at this age it’s actually better to be slightly overweight rather than under, but regular cardio exercise is still important to incorporate into your fitness routine. Think about activities that are easier on the joints to avoid potential injury – water-based aerobics are ideal as they allow for the muscles to work against the water resistance for toning benefits, whilst supporting the joints. Striding out should be the prime cardio option whether in the form of a countryside walk, a ‘stride’ session on the treadmill or a weight-loss powerwalk.


For a truly personalised roadmap to healthy ageing, take a look at our bespoke fitness programme, Stay Young. Ideal for beginners, Stay Young is a slow, controlled session which will teach you how to tone muscles and strengthen bones through resistance training, safely. This programme may help to prevent osteoporosis, elevate your metabolic rate to reduce weight gain and will ensure you remain functionally fit enough to make the most of every day.


To book onto one of our Bespoke Fitness Programmes, call our Treatment and Activity Line on 01664 433043 or book online via our Treatment Request Form.

All sessions are 60 minutes and cost £41, unless taken in pairs which costs £31 per person.

*Prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

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