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JUMP START Fitness Programmes

Treatment Time: 60 minutes   Price: £43

Our JUMP START programmes will help to kick-start your fitness journey, giving you the knowledge you need to become a healthier, happier you.

Whether taking those tentative first steps, trying something new or you’re just in need of a little extra push to help you get started, we’ve created a range of bespoke fitness programmes to help you reach your goals.

Choose from:

Fit Me – weight loss + shape-up + progress

If you’re just beginning your weight loss and shape-up journey this unique session will help you to weave the right exercise plan into your lifestyle helping you to understand how to monitor and progress your plans to stay motivated and see results.

Stay Young – tone + strength + prevent

Ideal for beginners, this slow, controlled session will teach you how to tone muscles and strengthen bones through resistance training, safely. This programme will help to prevent osteoporosis, elevate your metabolic rate to reduce weight gain and will ensure you remain functionally fit enough to make the most of every day.

Chair-Fit – mobility + balance + enable

Ideal for those with limited mobility and balance. This session is designed to improve range of motion, muscle function and confidence leading to a significant reduction in the risk of falls but more importantly, helping you to live your life with greater ease.

Sessions can also be booked in pairs which costs £33 per person. Please write in the ‘Do you have any other requests?’ section of the Treatment Request Form what session you would like to book and whether you would like to book a session as a pair.

If our JUMP START programmes doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, take a look at our DISCOVER and NEXT LEVEL programmes.


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Price: £43
“I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my PT session with Rhia, she made feel comfortable and relaxed from the get-go. She clearly understood my needs and put together an amazing workout for me to follow to help towards my end goal. Rhia is incredibly motivating. I was extremely happy as, this year, I'm focusing on myself.”