Jon- Senior Massage Therapist

My original career path led me to become a fitness professional, presenting various fitness classes, offer swimming lessons and personal training lessons. I started working at Ragdale Hall in 2001 as a holistic therapist. Working at Ragdale opened up a world of opportunities in the Fitness and Treatments department. I soon adopted the desire to study massage and complimentary therapies.

Shiatsu is my speciality treatment and I am recognised as highly experienced practitioner offering Shiatsu at Ragdale hall. I can help with a wide range of specific injuries, to more general symptoms of poor health using traditional Japanese healing therapy techniques. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and I would recommend it as a one off to relieve a symptom or more regularly to help prevent the build up of stress and energy blockages.

For more information on Shiatsu head over the the Good Spa Guide blog and find out what happened when they interviewed Jon on one of his favourite subjects.


Guest comments:

“Massive thank you to Jon for his Shiatsu treatment.  I crashed out for an hour after the treatment and I then felt a million times better than I had done in ages.”

“Thank you for a rejuvenating, therapeutic massage.  I felt the benefits for the rest of the day and did not wake up the next day with any aches (despite two exercise classes!)”

“I had Soft Tissue Remedial Therapy and would like to say a BIG thank you to Jon who carried out the treatment, this man is brilliant.  Jon’s treatment restored my back to normal after years of suffering. I have had no pain since the treatment, my bad back has gone, as if by Magic!”





Shiatsu Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

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