Jul 11, 2023

Finding your inner yogi – the journey to you

The precise origins of yoga continue to cause much debate but a hugely significant point in its history was marked by the appearance of the yoga sutras. Within these writings, the composer, Patanjali, introduced the 8 practices of yoga which was the foundation of ultimately achieving a state of bliss. Today the practice of yoga is a popular pastime and is very much about learning and taking steps to discover the one true you.


Scientific studies have shown us that slowing down, looking inwards and being more mindful helps us to be better at work, achieve a more restful sleep, and focus on the task at hand. This may explain the explosion of yoga that has led to many studios springing up offering a variety of themes from mindful meditation to empowering advanced poses. Whichever style you choose and wherever you practise, the most important thing to be aware of is that yoga should fit in with your lifestyle and capabilities…not the other way around.


Yoga can work for anyone and everyone because it’s both non-judgemental and non-competitive so there is no emphasis on how much weight you can lift, how many reps you can perform or how fast you can run. With this in mind, there are greater degrees of freedom to explore and express yourself, without the pressure to fit into a particular model. You are not expected to look, move or feel the same as others in a class but to enjoy your experience and have a sense of peace.


If you’re seeking an enlightening experience whether it’s your first time or looking for a new angle to help you progress in your yoga practice, we’ve designed the perfect retreat to guide you on your path. Our Real Life Yoga Break, (5th – 7th September 2023), gives you the opportunity to indulge in some quality time devoted purely to yoga with an experienced practitioner while surrounded by a nurturing spa setting. As part of your journey we have also added in a 40 minute pampering treatment*, all meals included and full access to all our facilities that truly help you to unwind and immerse yourself in some you-time.


This unique retreat will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and balanced with a confidence to apply what you’ve learnt about yoga and yourself into your everyday life. For further details on our Real Life Yoga Break, click the link or call our Reservation Team on 01664 433 000.

*40-minute treatment is from a selection.

4 responses to “Finding your inner yogi – the journey to you”

  1. Jane McGhee says:

    I’m interested in the Yoga break and any other Yoga ‘retreat dates’ you may be considering.
    I am interested in Hatha & Yin particularly.
    Thank you

  2. Rita Prang says:

    Hi I’m visiting Ragdale hall on the 15th and 16th September and I wanted to know if you will offer any yoga classes on this dates?
    Thank you

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