Mar 05, 2024

Discover ‘Breaze’ the natural, yet effective way to prevent hay fever

Some of us are the lucky ones and can go through hay fever season without a sniffle or cough, sitting on freshly cut grass enjoying a picnic or wandering through wildflower fields taking in the countryside views, but 49% of us in the UK suffer between March to September with cold like symptoms which leave us feeling tired and miserable.

With a litany of high street medicines and antihistamines, at Ragdale we are pleased to offer a more natural solution to combat these relentless symptoms. By collaborating with ‘Breaze’, we now offer a remedy of essential oils through their ‘Barrier Balm’ and ‘Vapour Oil’ in our Beauty Shop, ready to help your symptoms through a convenient pocket sized product or experience a soothing treatment ‘Hay fever Heaven’ which has been carefully curated to give relief using all Breaze hero products.

Breaze Barrier Balm


Small Beginnings

Sam Fells, founder of Breaze, first blended essential oils on her kitchen table in 2013. Her son was struggling with his hay fever and antihistamine tablets were making him drowsy and groggy, plus keeping him awake at night through feeling so congested. Breaze Vapour Oil

While working through his GCSE’s, Sam saw that her son was stressed and tired and decided to use her 15 years of experience in healthcare. Sam started experimenting with different essential oils, each  known for use in traditional medicine to ease sensitivity to pollen and other irritants. After trying various quantities and different varieties of oils, Sam discovered that through a blend of myrrh, clove leaf and lemon oil, her son was able to breathe better and getting some much-needed rest. After sharing the story with friends and family, who too said how it soothed their symptoms, Breaze became an essential item when hay fever season arose.

Breaze works by creating a barrier against pollen and combines gentle fragrances to soothe itching and congestion, all by using aromatherapeutic properties which are completely natural.

What Essential Oils are used in Breaze and what do they do?

Camomile OilAnti-inflammatory

Has been shown to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes and to help to calm the respiratory tract.

Clove Leaf OilInhabits allergic responses

Shown in some studies to inhibit allergic responses, reduce inflammation and histamine response.

Lavender OilNatural Antihistamine

Shown in studies to be a natural antihistamine inhibiting production of histamine and suppressing inflammatory responses in the airways.

Eucalyptus Oil Natural Decongestant

A powerful decongestant and natural expectorant which reduces nasal congestion and aids clear, easy breathing.

Lemon OilNatural Anti-inflammatory

Reduces nasal mucous and throat inflammation and shown in studies to be a good alternative to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Myrrh Anti-inflammatory

Shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory properties.

What can I expect from a Hay Fever Heaven treatment?

Relaxation Spa Day Gift Voucher

Designed to find relief from hay fever, this 25-minute treatment begins with a deep cleanse to the skin and an intensive steam using Breaze vapours to release uncomfortable congestion. Using Breaze oil and introducing cold stones, an acupressure massage will help to eliminate toxins, release pressure, ease sinus pain and instantly refresh allowing you to breathe more easily. A cooling eye mask will then be applied with an application of Breaze balm to your nose and temples, creating a natural barrier towards powered pollens and irritants. To finish a gentle moisturiser will be applied to the skin with a soothing eye gel.

If you are visiting Ragdale Hall Spa and would like to request your Hay Fever Heaven treatment*, please call our Treatments Administration Team on 01664 433 043.

*Treatment is £41(correct from the time of publish) and carried out in the Beauty Express.

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