Glamorous New You Week

May 03, 2012
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Ever wanted to reinvent yourself in to a new, more glamorous self, but never had the time to do it? Then Ragdale Hall’s Glamorous New You Week (7th – 14th May) is the perfect opportunity to do so. Now girls, every time we hear Mr Jones belting out ‘She’s a Lady’ we all have images of ourselves glammed up in a beautiful cream dress, turning heads whilst we strut down Rodeo Drive! Wouldn’t that be lovely? All that wonderful shopping and pampering? Come along to Ragdale Hall during this special week and you too can be a Pretty Woman! From head to toe there’s something to suit everyone!

The Boutique have a wide range of beautiful clothing to suit every shape and size. After the Fashion Showcase there’s a Personal Shopping morning and our experts will rally round after you suggesting styles, colours and accessories to suit any occasion (from the Polo to the Opera!). They also stock the superb Not Your Daughter’s Jeans range, these fantastic jeans will lift and smooth in all the right places to make you look like you’ve dropped a dress size with those extra feminine curves. However, it’s always good to start with the foundations so why not take a look at the beautiful new Lejaby lingerie range from the demure to the daring, almost 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra join our experts for a fitting and see a brand new you – after all ‘the less you wear, the more it matters!’

If you’re a fitness fanatic or a fitness phobe there’s classes to get you all on your feet! The ‘Warning, Curves Ahead!’ class is perfect for work on your chest, waist, bum and thighs for those all important killer curves. Belly Dancing is also part of the programme; a great way to keep you fit and healthy whilst toning, this fabulously feminine workout is a giggle-a-minute! Chair Dance is also on offer, this ultra sexy routine is quite simply the sassiest way to work up a sweat and get your pulse racing! No strip, just tease…working out has never been this much naughty fun!

Now Ragdale Hall have your curves in place and underwear to accentuate them, partnered with the perfect outfit – your glamorous self is ready and raring to go! Well, not quite yet, in between all these fabulous activities you haven’t even explored the fantastic facilities Ragdale Hall have to offer including the Thermal Spa a luxury adult playground with several heat and water experiences, perfect for bringing out the true glamour puss in you! There’s also the incredible special treatments that are on offer and our skincare workshops where you can ask our experts for all their hints and tips for the best skincare and body care routines along with a few little beauty secrets for that special touch of glamour.

If you’re pushed for time and need a few final glamour fixes,why not visit our Beauty Bar for a Minx nail treatment, these fabulous designs are a quick, easy and effective alternative to nail polish – with no drying time!! Alternatively there’s the Sparkle and Shine package which is a wash and blow dry or set in our luxurious Hair Studio with our experienced stylists and a Leighton Denny Custom Manicure. For those final touches, make a quick trip to the Beauty Shop for a glamorous make-over with our skincare specialists who will tailor it specifically to colours and products that suit your skin.

Before you leave Ragdale Hall, you must indulge in champagne and canapés whilst you ponder how on earth you’re ever going to fit your usual hectic schedule around your glamorous new self! You never know Richard Gere could be stood on the helicopter pad waiting to whisk you off your feet!

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