What are the causes of cellulite?

Mar 12, 2015
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Cellulite can affect anyone, no matter what your shape, size or age.  Even girls as young as 14 can show signs of it.  To a great extent our genes determine whether we develop cellulite along with our fat cells and skin elasticity.  Doctors believe that a high level of the female hormone estrogen causes cellulite, which is why it is mainly seen in women.  Ninety per cent of women are affected by cellulite and poor diet, bad circulation, fluid retention and lack of exercise increase your chances of developing it.

Other causes of cellulite are:

  • drink more waterLack of water – cellulite is a mixture of fat, water and toxins that have built up.  Drinking water helps to flush these toxins out of the body.
  • Poor diet – alcohol, processed foods and caffeine contribute to cellulite as the toxins you take in when consuming these things get trapped in fatty tissue.
  • Smoking – this damages the connective tissue in the body which causes the dimpling effect in cellulite.
  • Lack of exercise – this hardens the connective tissue in the skin which causes dimples and cellulite development.
  • Ageing – the skin layer becomes thinner which makes the appearance of cellulite more prominent.

Can the appearance of cellulite be improved?

The appearance of cellulite can be improved by making changes to your lifestyle, using specialised products and having specifically designed body treatments, however, it is difficult to avoid it completely due to age and genes contributing to the development of cellulite.

How can the appearance of cellulite be reduced?

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control is fantastic at working on stimulating the release of fats.  It slows down the storage of fat in the fat cells, slows down the production of fat cells and boosts circulation to encourage elimination of fats.  Key ingredients which work on these benefits are caffeine, geranium and blue button flower.

Increasing skin exfoliation to boost circulation and having regular body treatments to detoxify, sculpt and contour the body can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Treatments such as the Clarins Tri Active Body – The Body Lift Sculptor will help to aid in minimising the appearance of cellulite and contour the body.

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