Winter skincare

Dec 17, 2020
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From harsh winds and dropping temperatures, to the contrast of the central heating, and even UV rays, our skin goes through a lot in winter. Environmental changes can have an impact on our skins lipid barrier, which allows moisture to escape, which can leave skin dry, redder, and even lead to a break out. It’s not all doom and gloom, though! By following these simple steps below, you may be able to offset some of the winter damage and find out how to be kind to your skin.


It’s all about layers

Just like you would wrap up warm for winter, we should also treat our skin in the same way. Instead of just opting for a thicker moisturiser (which may clog up our pores), we should use a series of lighter layers, such as hyaluronic acid and serums. Read on for our winter skincare routine…

When cleansing, opt for a product which protects the skins’ natural oils, rather than a harsh blend which will strip them away, as it’s important to keep skin replenished during the winter months.

Use a gentle toner, and follow up with a hydrating face mist (or your toner if it doubles up as a spritz!) to top up your skins moisture levels.

Even if you’re prone to oily skin, it’s still a good idea to use a serum. Our skin can sometimes compensate for the lack of moisture by producing extra oil, so definitely don’t be put off using a serum.

Follow up with an eye cream, and a moisturiser with an SPF to seal everything in. It’s still important to use an SPF cream in the winter months as our skin is still exposed to UVA rays, and this will also help to protect your skin from the elements.

For an extra boost, or if you have naturally quite dry skin, you could always add a drop of facial oil to your moisturiser or night cream as part of your winter skincare routine, and reap the rewards of nourished, hydrated skin!

Don’t forget to give your hands some love too with a nourishing hand cream (opt for one without mineral oil as this will sit as a layer on top of the skin, rather than being absorbed fully).


Control the temperature

When winter strikes, it can be hard to resist turning the heating up to the max, whether in the home or in the car. However, this can cause dry skin by dissolving the skins natural protective barrier. Opt for a warm (but not scorching) temperature instead as this will be kinder on the skin. The same also applies for baths and showers – stick to a gentle warm temperature and ensure to use a nourishing moisturiser afterwards.


Stay hydrated

It’s important to drink enough water throughout the day to help keep your skin refreshed and hydrated. Pop yourself a little reminder if you struggle to keep your water bottle topped up.

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