Why should we cleanse our skin?

Apr 06, 2018
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Our Decleor experts here at Ragdale explain why it is important to Spring cleanse our skin.

Should you cleanse morning and evening?


It is just as important to cleanse our skin in the morning as it is at night

Here are the top reasons why we should be cleansing our skin;

  • Removes impurities such as dirt and oil
  • Removes make up
  • Removes dead skin
  • Leaves skin looking fresh and radiant
  • Hydrates
  • Softens

In the evening we cleanse our skin to remove make- up, dirt, oil and bacteria we have picked up throughout the day, so our skin is clean before we go to bed.

However, overnight our skin goes through a regeneration process shedding dead skin and purging out toxins, which are left on the skin’s surface in the morning. It is important we cleanse the skin after this process, otherwise it may eventually lead to blocked pores, congestion and break outs on the skin.



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