What to pack for a pampering spa break at Ragdale Hall

Jan 17, 2020
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What to pack for a pampering spa break at Ragdale Hall

So, your spa break is finally booked and you’re dreaming about switching off from the 9-5 and relaxing in the Rooftop Infinity Pool, surrounded by rolling countryside. There’s only one question in your mind – ‘what do I need to pack?’ If the thought of packing a bag for your spa break is filling you with dread, don’t panic. There aren’t many things you’ll need for your spa break at Ragdale Hall, as we will take care of most of your needs. Here, we share our ideal packing list to make sure you have an unforgettable spa break…


Ragdale Hall is a relaxed environment, where you can dress as you feel comfortable, so there’s no formal dress code here. Most of the time, you’ll be lounging around in your swimwear and fluffy robe so there’s no need to pack much lounge wear for the daytime. For dinner, you may want to pack some smart-casual attire and use this opportunity to doll yourself up after a relaxing day of pampering. You will also find some people are still in their robes during dinner, meaning you can enjoy the spa afterwards, as it’s open until 10pm!

If you’re looking to blow some cobwebs away in the gym, make sure you pop in your gym trainers, leggings and a work-out top.


The most important and essential thing you’ll need to pack for your spa break is a comfortable swimsuit/bikini that makes you feel good. After all, you’ll be spending all day in it so it’s important that you feel confident and happy in your swimsuit. Our top tip is to pack two swimsuits, this way, you can change out of your wet swimsuit into a dry one before your treatment, to avoid feeling cold and damp.


Like with most breaks, limiting your choice of footwear is always the case and at Ragdale Hall, you’ll need even less shoes. With complimentary robe hire and flip-flops waiting for you on arrival, we’ve got you covered. Come dinner, you may want to slip out of your flip-flops and pop on some heels or smart shoes depending on your mood.


Your spa break is all about taking time out and pampering yourself. We provide all the essentials such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in your room but be sure to include all your favourite skincare products in your bag so you can practice some more self-care in your room at night. However, if you’re looking to try something new or have forgotten any skincare or beauty products, our Beauty Shop Advisors are always on hand to help you in our Beauty Shop.

Little extras

It’s always the little extras that make all the difference. We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle with you during your stay so you can fill it up at any of our water dispenser machines around the Hall as it is important to stay hydrated before and after your treatments, during exercise and going in and out of our thermal spa rooms.

Be sure to make the most out of your ‘me-time’ by bringing a magazine or your current reading book along with you so you can properly switch-off from the world. Alternatively, we do have a shelf of books for you to help yourself to.


If you’re still planning your next spa break, why not take a look at our great-value Blissful Spring Break here

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