Wake up well: morning routine

May 18, 2021
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Do you wake up and naturally reach for the coffee? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone! Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a lie in, we share how you can get your morning off to a positive start, to leave you feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to take on your day.


It’s natural to wake up feeling a little bit stiffer than usual. As soon as you wake up, do some gentle stretches to say hello to your body and begin to wake yourself up (but nothing too strenuous!)

Start with some gentle half neck rolls by tucking your chin into your chest and rolling your neck slowly from side to side. Then start to roll your shoulders backwards a few times. Next, stand up, outstretch your arms above your head as high as they will go, feeling the energy lifting upwards but keeping your core tight. Then, slowly lower your arms down as you begin to roll down into a forward fold. If you can’t touch your toes don’t worry, just reach down as far as you can. Slowly start to roll your body up, head and neck come last, feeling every vertebra in the spine. Repeat as many times as needed. By creating space in the body, you’ll be increasing your energy flow and you might find it easier to perform tasks throughout the day.



Start each day by writing down at least three things you are grateful for. This could be anything at all – even being thankful that the sun is shining. Incorporating a regular gratitude practice into your day can help to cultivate a positive mindset, to shift your thinking and in turn, may help to attract more positivity into your life.


Time for you

Try to find ten or fifteen minutes every morning where you do something for yourself, even if it’s just sitting with a cup of tea and a book, doing a quick meditation, or going for a morning walk. It can greatly benefit your day if you take some time to practice a simple act of self-care.


Skincare routine

A good morning skincare routine will prepare your skin for the day ahead. If you sleep with an overnight mask, make sure to wash off with cool water before cleansing, this will also help to wash away any excess oil. A good order is usually to cleanse, tone, apply serum, then moisturise.


Make a good, healthy breakfast

If your mornings usually whiz by in a rushed blur, perhaps set your alarm that bit earlier so you can wake up and make time for a good, nutritious (and not to mention delicious!) breakfast. Try to balance carbs with some protein and healthy fats such as avocado, as this will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Or, why not try our signature Atholl Brose? Read the full recipe here. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too!

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