The ‘Ragdale bucket list’

Jun 28, 2021
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The Ragdale experience can truly be a memorable one for all of our guests. Whether you’re a regular ‘Ragdaler’ or have never visited us before, in this blog, we share our favourite unmissable things to do during your time with us. How many have you ticked off your Ragdale ‘bucket list?’


Roam in robes

Mum and Daughter relaxing on loungers outside The Pavilion

As Ragdale is very relaxed and informal, you’ll be able to escape the everyday, switching off completely from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Roam freely around the Hall in white, fluffy robes or ignite your senses with the sights and smells of nature as you explore the gardens. We give you the space to breathe so you can reconnect with yourself and loved ones, reset your body and mind, and start to feel like you again.


Indulge in afternoon tea

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delightful afternoon tea at Ragdale Hall, served in the Verandah Bar. With a sumptuous selection of savoury and sweet seasonal delicacies, there’s something for every sweet and savoury tooth, making it the perfect afternoon treat for you to enjoy with family or friends. Do you have an upcoming stay with us and want to make it extra special? Order afternoon tea online here.


Have a cocktail (or mocktail) in the Twilight Bar

Bartender creating a cocktail in the Twilight Bar

Featuring luxurious settings including brass fittings; fringed lampshades; plush pink scalloped velvet chairs and a sweeping art-deco inspired bar, the Twilight Bar provides the perfect setting to reconnect with friends and family before or after dinner, or even after an evening spent relaxing in the Spa and pools.


Explore the countryside

At Ragdale Hall we are lucky enough to be surrounded by glorious, soul-soothing countryside, and the Hall itself is set within 13 acres of a serene, country house estate. Explore the great outdoors with our range of outdoor activities, which will have you working up a sweat and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. From a bike ride to a game of tennis or countryside walk, there are plenty of ways to get some much-needed fresh air therapy.


Experience Heart + Soul Fitness

Beyond the sleek industrial-style gym, you can become totally immersed in our two distinct studio experiences that will lift your heart and shift your soul, ultimately helping you to connect to the best version of yourself. Our dedicated and supportive instructors will motivate you to find your extra drive, inspire you to go the extra mile, and encourage you to look inwards to find your extra purpose. Nourish your soul and leave feeling ready to take on your world.


Soak up the views from the Rooftop Infinity Pool

Our glistening open-air Rooftop Infinity Pool experience is completely unique and one you’ll remember forever. With water heated to 35°C, you can relax on a recliner while being gently massaged by the jets, as the bubbles envelop you in a cloud of serenity… or just take time at the infinity edge to admire the grounds and countryside views. With panoramic countryside views, this is an opportunity for complete escapism to enjoy a mindful moment and to really feel a part of the world you live in. The view is one of the most stunning features of the pool, as it changes with every season. From the fields beyond draped in bright yellow rapeseed in the summer months, to the rich reds and burnt orange leaves of autumn and snow-covered hillsides come winter.


Delve down into the Candle Pool

Walk down the steps into our magical Candle Pool – one of Ragdale’s six pools, to discover an entrancing, mosaic cavern lit by the flicker of candles and a star-lit ceiling, which captures the perfect romantic setting.


Try one of our ‘created by Ragdale’ treatments

Relaxing Massage

From Hopi Heaven, Holistic Sole Sensation, to the S.O.S Remedial Massage, Sensory Journey and Tropical Island Massage plus many more, our ‘created by Ragdale’ treatments are bespoke to Ragdale Hall and offer a truly unique, luxuriously pampering experience like no other.


Feel invigorated in the Thermal Spa

Scented Room in the Thermal Spa

Feel warm to your core as you indulge in the sensory experiences of this innovative and exciting thermal paradise. Many of the experiences within the Thermal Spa have been exclusively designed for Ragdale Hall – and cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Featuring twelve luxurious and unique heat and water experiences; natural materials including rocks, stone and lush planting abound Thermal Spa Entrance, and complete with a wishing stream, you’ll feel as though you’re in an indoor playground for adults.

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  1. Jayne Tague Kumar says:

    Done all of these but Covid prevented visiting cocktail bar, will be there in August to try that !!🥂

  2. Barbara Smith says:

    Really looking forward to our visit next March. We will have waited 2 years for it so it can’t come soon enough

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