Pretox is the new detox

Dec 03, 2020
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From mince pies, Christmas turkey with all the trimmings, to hot chocolate with cream, and not to mention the bubbles… Christmas is definitely the time for rest and indulgence. So, why not attempt a ‘pretox’, instead of the usual January detox?

If you’ve never heard of a pretox – it’s simple. Instead of being super strict by the time January rolls around, you’ll be able to do more of a gentle approach in the new year if you build up your resilience now. Winter is definitely the time to be savvy with your wellness routine, for our top tips on winter wellness, read our blog here.


Eat well now, indulge later

It’s all about making the right food choices, but that’s not to say you can’t have the odd treat now and again! It’s more about consistency, so ensure your diet is full of leafy greens, brown bread or rice, lean protein and flax and chia seeds for an Omega boost. For a vitamin D boost, opt for oily fish such as salmon. You’ll perhaps want to avoid consuming anything that is overly processed, limit your dairy intake or eliminate completely, alongside cutting back on alcohol and caffeine. Eating small regular meals can boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels even consistently all day. However, it’s okay to eat the odd mince pie!


It’s more than just eating well

A pretox is as much about mental relaxation as it is about your diet. With Christmas fast-approaching, it’s natural to be feeling a little bit more stressed at this time of year. But actually, even with the busyness, this time of year is paramount to pay closer attention to your mental wellbeing, due to dark nights and a lack of sunlight. From meditation, to mantras and daily affirmations, there’s plenty you can put into practice to help you feel calm. And if you need a bit of help setting aside time for yourself and establishing new healthy routines, we recommend using Frankincense essential oil as the scent is particularly powerful in creating (and sticking to!) new routines. Read more here.


Stock up on sleep

Over the festive period you may indulge in one too many late nights, so ensure to get plenty of sleep before the festivities begin. Swap out your usual caffeine hit (tea, coffee or energy drinks) for a herbal tea instead, as this may help to improve your quality of sleep. If you can’t cut out the coffee completely, try and have your last cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon so you can begin to wind down in the evening.

If you need a bit more help drifting off into the land of nod, we have some blogs to help!

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Hydrate, hydrate!

From festive cocktails, hot toddies, to a glass of Bucks Fizz – many of us may drink a lot more alcohol than usual over Christmas. It’s essential to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water beforehand, and even in-between alcoholic drinks. Plus, the extra hydration will be beneficial for your skin, too!


We all deserve a little indulgence from time to time, so remember to always be kind to yourself, especially in the winter months.

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