Six bedroom plants to help you sleep better

Jul 07, 2020
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As we all have taken to our ‘stay at home’ life, many of us have turned to giving our homes some TLC.  One of our favourite ways to brighten up a room is by bringing the outdoors indoors, with some new plants. Not only do plants look the part, but they can also provide some great health benefits, including aiding a better night’s sleep. We’ve put together our top six plants help improve your sleeping environment.


It comes as no surprise that lavender is a great plant to have in your bedroom. The smell of lavender has become renowned for aiding relaxation. Having been proven to lower our heart rate and stress levels, this plant will be your best friend when you it comes to sleep. To look after your lavender, make sure it lives in a warm room with plenty of sunlight and water sparingly.

Aloe Vera

Not only is aloe vera good for helping to soothe sore skin, it’s also excellent at releasing oxygen, which can help to improve the air quality as you sleep. Known as a ‘succulent’, this plant is also very low-maintenance and requires very little watering as it maintains most of its moisture within its leaves. However this plant thrives from a lot of light so be sure to keep it near to a window in a bright bedroom.

Snake Plant

Make sleepless nights hisssssstory (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!) with the addition of a snake plant in your bedroom. The snake plant is the perfect bedroom buddy, helping to suck out toxins in the air during the day (such as bezene), and emits oxygen at night that can help aid sleep. This hardy plant requires very little maintenance too.

Peace Lily

Just like the snake plant, peace lilies are also amazing air cleaners. They have the added benefit of increasing room humidity by up to 5% which is great for breathing while asleep. If that isn’t enough, they also have beautiful white flowers which will look lovely in any bedroom. To care for peace lilies, simply water once a week and provide little light.


The sweet scent that jasmine plants give off is often used in essential oils for relaxation, just like lavender. Studies have shown that this scent is linked to reduced anxiety levels and also improved sleep quality. The best place to keep jasmine is on the windowsill and water regularly during flowering season. Avoid over-watering during non-flowering periods.


Aestically pleasing and helps to improve the quality sleep, a valerian plant is definitely a must-have for the bedroom. Inhaling the sweet scent of valerian root has shown to induce sleep and improve the quality of sleep so if you’re struggling to sleep, add a few petals to your bath or take a sniff of the valerian before you get into bed. Keep this plant on a sunny window sill.

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