Dec 02, 2020

NEW Ragdale Hall Spa Christmas gifts launch in Marks & Spencer’s nationwide – including two brand-new ranges!

Ragdale Hall Spa is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new gifting range now available in Mark’s and Spencer’s stores nationwide, and online.

The six luxurious Christmas gift sets include two brand-new ranges – Detox and Energise – alongside the best-selling Sleep range.

The new Beauty Therapist-approved additions come at a time when taking care of you has never been more important, and include:

ENERGISE – NEW – Awaken the senses and kick-start the day with Ragdale Hall Spa’s new Energise range. Using 100% natural fragrance, the invigorating essential oils of mandarin and rosemary will help recharge the senses and reset the body and mind to help you feel revitalised from the inside out, and ready to take on your world.

DETOX NEW – Cleanse your body and clear your mind with the new Detox pampering spa-at-home range. Using 100% natural fragrance, the powerful combination of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils will help rejuvenate and rebalance the senses, to bring about feelings of positivity and stir your body and mind into action for the day ahead.

SLEEP – Using a new and improved 100% natural fragrance, the best-selling range is infused with calming lavender essential oils to create a sense of tranquillity, and a heavenly night-time ritual. The Sleep Pillow and Body Mist is a top seller, and a go-to for achieving a restful night’s slumber so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to take on your world.

Alongside the new gifting, there will be newly formulated single products in all three signature fragrances in store and online very soon.

The gifting range starts from as little as £5 and includes six pampering spa-at-home kits to help the lucky recipient feel completely refreshed after having spent time on ‘me’.

RAGDALE HALL SPA – THE ULTIMATE SPA COLLECTION, £39 – this curated collection contains everything you need to recreate an indulgent spa experience at home, relaxing the body and mind whilst leaving your skin soft and supple.

The Ragdale Hall Spa Ultimate Spa Collection contains five full size products and five travel size products, all 100% natural fragrance and essential oils. Includes: Energise Hand Cream, 100ml; Detox Hand Cream, 100ml; Sleep Pulse Point Oil, 9ml; Energise Shower Gel, 100ml; Detox Shower Gel, 100ml; Sleep Foam Bath, 150ml and Energise Body Serum, 75ml.

RAGDALE HALL SPA SWEET DREAMS SET, £5 – enjoy a restful night’s sleep on-the-go with this travel-sized pillow and body mist designed to help promote total relaxation using lavender essential oils and chamomile extract.

 Includes Sleep Pillow and Body Mist, 8ml.M&S Ragdale Hall Spa Sweet Dreams

RAGDALE HALL SPA PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP SET, £15 – prepare for a restful night’s sleep with this collection of soothing essentials.

Includes Sleep Pillow and Body Mist, 150ml; Sleep Body Lotion, 50ml; a Sleep candle, 60g and Satin Eye Mask.M&S Ragdale Hall Spa Perfect Night Sleep Set

RAGDALE HALL SPA SLEEP ESSENTIALS KIT, £12.50 – enjoy a restful night’s sleep wit this luxury sleep trio, delicately fragranced with lavender essential oils to help promote total relaxation, calming body and mind.

Includes Sleep Pillow and Body Mist, 8ml; Sleep Hand Cream, 50ml; and Sleep Body Lotion, 50ml.M&S Ragdale Hall Spa Sleep Essentials Set

RAGDALE HALL SPA DETOX ESSENTIALS KIT, £12.50 – Cleanse your body and clear your mind with this Detox trio, with a fragrance infused with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Includes Detox Shower Gel, 75ml; Detox Salt Scrub, 50g; and Detox Body Lotion, 50ml.M&S Ragdale Hall Spa Detox Essentials Set

RAGDALE HALL SPA ENERGISE ESSENTIALS KIT, £12.50 – awaken your senses with this Energising trio, with a fragrance infused with mandarin and rosemary essential oils.

Includes Energise Body Mist, 8ml; Energise Shower Gel, 50ml and Energise Body Serum, 50ml.M&S Ragdale Hall Spa Energise Essentials Set

Exclusively created and approved by expert therapists at the award-winning Ragdale Hall Spa, Ragdale Hall Spa Christmas gifts can help recreate the most luxurious spa-at-home experience for all.

Ragdale Hall Spa Christmas gifts are available now in M&S stores nationwide and and also online


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