Mar 20, 2024

Be guided back to balance at Ragdale Hall Spa

This year Ragdale Hall Spa offer a new approach to guests, an everchanging spa retreat. Each new season will highlight the very best of Ragdale, guiding guest’s on their personal journey of wellness.

As the seasons change, Ragdale Hall Spa are inviting guests to tune out from their everyday to bring themselves back to ‘Balance’ and regather their energy whilst finding joy in the slower unhurried pace at the Hall.

April to June are dedicated to a season of ‘De-stress’, ‘Flourish’ and ‘Renew’, a balance of components to achieve harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of life, including physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Ragdale Hall Spa Special Offers

April | De-stress

This month will see the launch of Ragdale Hall Spa’s Wellness Collection. Designed to elevate the guest’s wellbeing journey, each collection includes a carefully selected holistic treatment, a guided meditation session and a gift to continue the chosen journey at home. Guests can choose from Balance, Calm, Energise or Sleep. In April, Medik8 will be sharing tools and techniques on how to keep skin looking youthful, lifted and glowing in their Skin Maintenance Masterclass. Another addition to Ragdale’s offering is Joyful Chorus, a singing workshop which has been designed to encourage stress relief and enhance creativity.

May | Flourish

In May the focus shifts to nurturing growth. Nutrition is a key element to the body flourishing, Ragdale Hall Spa’s resident holistic expert, Dr Heli, will be hosting numerous talks throughout the month on gut health and the value in nutrition to help the body be the best version it can be. On 23rd May Ragdale will welcome ELEMIS Skincare and Wellness expert, Keely Aydin, to host a two-part skincare workshop. Guest’s will be expertly guided through a luxurious pre-sleep ritual followed the next morning by breakfast and a morning ritual in the Beauty Shop to ensure a nourished and luminous start to the day.

June | Renew

With the arrival of Summer Solstice, a time for celebration, reflection, and connection with nature, June is a significant focus for Balance. This month Ragdale Hall will host Lessons In Meditation where guests will be provided with the tools needed to train their mind to regain calm and balance. To welcome Summer Solstice, Ragdale Hall Spa, will be holding a special guided walk around the grounds and a yoga class to harness energy and set intentions for the season ahead. This month guests can also indulge their creative side and ignite their senses by working the natural aromas of rosemary, eucalyptus, sage and lavender in creating a fragrant table arrangement in a Floristry Workshop.

Mum and Daughter Spa Break Voucher

‘Just as water ebbs and flows, and just as sunshine is balanced by showers, you – like nature – must reset your equilibrium.’

Ragdale Hall has also been working alongside local artist, Deborah Panesar, to bring a visualisation to the seasons. Click here to download the illustration for ‘Balance’.

Why Ragdale? Click here to explore their new video to discover the magic of Ragdale.

For more details, images or to arrange a press visit, please contact:

Roxie Wallace – Press Officer

T: 01664 434411 ext: 315


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