Mar 05, 2024

A Season of Transformation at Ragdale Hall Spa

Ragdale Hall Spa are unveiling new seasonal focuses, thoughtfully created to offer an everchanging spa retreat.  This year, guests are invited to place wellness at the forefront of intentions and encouraged to feel their very best in both body and mind.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, wellness is part of Ragdale Hall’s heritage.
‘Time, valued’ is the ethos and whether it’s a day or long weekend, time will be well spent in tranquil surroundings whilst wellbeing is highly prioritised. Encouraging the act of living consciously, Ragdale Hall Spa presents a new perspective to their offering, guiding guests on a personal journey that gently weaves into everyday life.

The season starts with ‘Transformation’, with a new year comes a familiar feeling of reflection, a renewed sense of motivation, and the opportunity to start afresh. With workshops dedicated to a good nights sleep, fitness classes that sharpen the mind and enhance muscle tone, and informative hormone-focused talks hosted by specialist practitioners, every aspect has been considered to ensure that the year begins and continues with an optimum state of well-being.

From January to March, Ragdale Hall are dedicated to a season of ‘Clarity’, ‘Growth’ and ‘Sleep’ believing this to be the perfect combination to a restorative and renewing transformation.

January | Clarity

From guided journaling workshops that help you to become clear on your vision to Crystal Sound Healing sessions designed to align the mind, body and chakras, this month Ragdale Hall guests will find the tools needed to start the new year on the right note, from a place of balance, drive and optimism.

February | Growth

In February, mindful momentum becomes the focus. By implementing sustainable practices that, when combined, create impactful and lasting results. Experience “Facelift”, a revolutionary facial treatment combining facial massage artistry with science-led skincare for a sculpted, lifted, and radiant complexion. Engage in “Cleansing Stretch,” in collaboration with Clarins, a wellbeing-focused stretch class catering to both body and skin in a single session using Clarins luxuriously fragrant oils.

March | Sleep

An often-overlooked element of wellness, rest is just as important for the body, mind and skin as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a targeted skincare routine. Throughout March guests will be guided through a series of calming practices, each of which are designed to encourage rest and prepare them for a peaceful night of sleep. Ragdale Halls’ sleep therapist Sarah Louise will lead “Practical Tools for Quality Sleep”, which is a self soothing workshops combining gentle stretches, massage and sound bathing to help guests quiet the mind and body before bed. They then can embark on the practice of Yoga Nidra to enter a profound state of relaxation.


What to Expect for the Rest of the Year:

April to June | Balance

July to September | Reconnect to Nature

October to December | Inner Health


Ragdale Hall has also been working alongside local artist, Deborah Panesar, to bring a visualisation to the seasons. Click here to download the illustration for ‘Transformation’.

Why Ragdale? Click here to explore their new video to discover the magic of Ragdale.


For more details, images or to arrange a press visit, please contact:

Roxie Wallace – Press Officer

T: 01664 434411 ext: 315



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