Jan 09, 2024

Introducing Ragdale through the Seasons

At Ragdale Hall Spa your time is valued and your well-being is our priority. With over 30 years’ experience we recognise the desires and needs of our guests and something a little different is blossoming in 2024.

With each new season we will highlight the very best of Ragdale Hall Spa, guiding you on a personal journey of wellness that will gently weave into your everyday life. With a series of talks and workshops, new treatments and fitness classes, we aim to create an everchanging spa retreat to reflect just what you need, when you need, so you can feel your best in every season.

A Season of Transformation

Clarity, Growth and Sleep

With a new year comes a familiar feeling of reflection, a renewed sense of motivation, and the opportunity to start afresh. From January to March, we invite you to place positive change at the forefront of your intentions and encourage you to make the most out of every moment as we transition into the new year. Through our understanding and expert knowledge, we believe these three key elements are the perfect combination to help you embrace a restorative and renewing transformation.

January | Clarity

Reflection and intention

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to reflect on the year that’s passed and become clear on your goals for the year ahead. The act of releasing the old creates room for the new, driving mental clarity and revealing your trajectory for the coming twelve months.

From guided journaling workshops that help you to become clear on your vision to crystal designed sound healing sessions to align the mind, body and chakras, this month at Ragdale Hall Spa you’ll find the tools you need to start the new year on the right note, from a place of balance, drive and optimism.

February | Growth

Mindful Momentum

As you continue to put your intentions into action, turn your attention to implementing practices that can be sustained all year long. Sometimes the smallest of changes, when practised regularly or in conjunction with other habits, can create the most impactful and lasting results.

Facelift – a new lifting facial treatment – combines the art of facial massage with science-led skincare to leave the complexion sculpted, lifted and radiant. Clarins Cleansing Stretch– a slow, wellbeing-focused stretch class, dedicating time to both body and skin in a single session.


March | Sleep

Press pause

An often-overlooked element of wellness, rest is just as important for the body, mind and skin as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a targeted skincare routine. Throughout March allow yourself to be guided through a series of calming practices, each of which are designed to encourage rest and prepare you for a peaceful night of sleep.

Join our Sleep Expert Sarah-Louise in a rejuvenating session, ‘Practical Tools for Sleep’. By combining breathing techniques, self- soothing scalp and hand massages and guided meditation accompanied by the ethereal tones of singing bowls, this workshop is designed to promote relaxation and enhance the quality of your sleep achieving a peaceful night’s rest. During our Wellbeing Beauty Sleep Massage, you’ll be aware of every touch from the crown to the toe and simultaneously in a dream-like state of tranquillity. Embark on the practice of yoga Nidra, referred to by many as yogic sleep, in which you can be still, connect to yourself, and enter a profound state of relaxation.

As you navigate through the first quarter of the year, remember that each day brings a chance for growth and relaxation.

If you are looking to book at spa visit with us soon, make sure you take a look at the below dates and tailor your spa experience even further, making your time with us even more valuable.


Highlights of the season

  • In Conversation with Dean Hodgkin, our resident Health and Nutrition Consultant. ‘Beginning the Journey to the New You’ on Thursday 25th January Learn to acknowledge the obstacles that prevent you from exercising regularly and empower yourself to conquer them, opening the door to a healthy lifestyle. Discover the importance of adaptability and flexibility in facing barriers, adjusting strategies, seeking alternative routes, or even redefining your goals to ensure success.
  • In Conversation with Dr. Heli – Mind, Body, Memory 15th January and 22nd January Join Dr. Heli for a transformative workshop to learn about vitamin and minerals deficiencies while discovering the powerful impact of tailored nutrition, revealing ways to improve your immune system, energy levels and overall wellbeing.
  • Do-in – A Self Shiatsu with Specialist Practitioner Jon* -29th January. Shiatsu is a holistic form of therapy that works with the body’s energy flow, known as Ki or Qi. It utilises acupressure to release tension, bring balance to the body, and can elevate your mood, leaving you feeling relaxed and enhancing your overall health and well-being. This is a hands-on session where you will work on yourself and will be able to leave the workshop with a new skill.
  • Cleansing Stretch – throughout February join our limited-edition, wellbeing-focused stretch class in collaboration with Clarins. Find clarity through a series of movements to gently stretch the body while Clarins oils help cleanse the mind.
  • If you are planning an overnight stay, our Resident Sleep Expert, Sarah -Louise delivers ‘Practical Tools for Quality Sleep’ 6th March and 20th MarchIn this rejuvenating session, Sarah-Louise combines breathing techniques, self- soothing scalp and hand massages, gentle stretch and a guided meditation accompanied by the ethereal tones of singing bowls. Designed to promote relaxation and enhance the quality of your sleep, this workshop is a holistic approach to achieving a peaceful night’s rest. 

*these classes have small additional charges apply. Please ask our Treatments Administration Team for more information by calling 01664 433 043

What can i expect for the rest of the year?

April to June


July to September

Reconnect to Nature

October to December

Wellness Within

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