What Is Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy is a complementary treatment designed to balance energy in your body's chakras and boost your health and wellbeing.

The therapy works by balancing or stimulating your energies by applying the appropriate colour to your body.

To learn more about each of the colours and how to use them, read on ...

Understand Your Colour Reading

Gold - Beautiful gold that holds the wisdom of many years of knowing that brings to us enlightenment when we look within.

Use for the times when you need peace in your life, unconditional love, to rest when challenges of life feel stacked against you. Brings a clear picture of what choices are available.

Magenta - The coming together of the purple and red, to bring to us the courage and strength to follow our dreams, and to help us on the paths that we are on.

Use for times when you need to complete a task, for inspiration and inner strength. Strengthens your creative ideas and gives you internal power to follow your dreams. Believe in yourself.

Purple - Connection to our higher selves through the tranquillity and peace that purple brings.

Use to bring calm, peace, tranquillity and healing. For times when you are feeling sensitive, use as a beautiful cloak of protection. For expanding consciousness and gaining spiritual perspective.

Indigo - The intuition that guides us on our paths, like the beautiful songbird that knows our truths and our destinies.

Use for problem solving, inner knowing, trusting your instinctive feeling. To bring harmony amongst family and friends. To access your dreams and help bring them into reality.

Sky Blue - Feel the freedom of the beautiful sky that allows us to fly beyond our limitations. Our voice, our words, our communication.

Use to communicate your hearts desires, your truth and to aid confidence in delivering a speech/presentation. Brings calm when you need to escape the demands of everyday life.

Green - Harmony within the centre of our being, our love, our forgiveness, compassion and empathy. Our gifts to share with this world, our gifts to our inner child.

Use to bring relaxation, tranquillity and healing to matters of the heart. For helping with the process of forgiveness, when you are feeling judgemental or critical it brings peace and calm.

Yellow - Vibrant and sunny, the warmth of yellow brings inner confidence, belief and strength.

Use for when you need uplifting, to bring confidence and belief to your abilities. To aid concentration and study. Bring clear focused thinking and reasoning. Empowering. Cheerful.

Orange - Wraps us with the warmth of a beautiful sunset, its warmth heals our emotions and sets us free to be in the present moment.

Use orange to release your emotions, to express them and disperse fears. Energising and activating, it helps with decision making, creativeness, being in the moment, having fun.

Red - so strong, so courageous, the colour of abundance, the colour of life, the beating of our hearts, this precious life we have.

Use for energy, for when you need strength and determination. For security, to be focused and a leader. Vibrant. Excitement. Passionate.

For more information about colour reading, or any of the alternative/complementary therapies on offer at Ragdale Hall, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team – we'd be delighted to help.

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