The Definitive Guide to Yoga Positions

Yoga is designed to improve your strength, flexibility and breathing, while enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing. By using a variety of breathing techniques and yoga positions, you can boost your physical activity safely and effectively.

The yoga positions described below – Asanas – are intended to promote slow and controlled movements, helping you remain relaxed, steady and comfortable, as you maintain the position before releasing safely.

Yoga Positions – Asana


Coaching Points


1. Mountain
  • Feet grounded
  • Active legs
  • Spine long
  • Posture alignment
  • Strengthening back muscles
  • Posture awareness
2. Reach
  • Arms parallel reach to sky
  • Relax into shoulders
  • Abdominals engaged
  • Posture alignment
  • Abdominal tone
  • Uplifting
3. Forward Bend
  • Feet grounded
  • Tailbone high
  • Shoulders released away from ears
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Release base of spine
  • Massage core
4. Look forward
  • Lift chin, chest and shoulders
  • Tailbone high, belly to spine
  • Gaze forward
  • Lengthening spine
  • Neck strengthening
  • Core activation
5. Lunge rear
  • Confident stride behind
  • Kmee on floor or hover
  • Release hip flexors
  • Leg strength
  • Extension hip flexors
  • Opening
6. Downward Dog
  • Upside down V shape
  • Relax shoulders
  • Raise tailbone
  • Spine inversion
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Whole body strengthening
7. Plank
  • Arms active
  • Abdominals engaged
  • Body parallel to floor
  • Arms strengthening
  • Abdominal tone
  • Stabilising
8. Cat
  • Hands under shoulders
  • Knees on floor below hips
  • Option for cosmic cat - fluidity
  • Arm tone
  • Core stability
  • Posture awareness

9. Crocodile

10. Cobra

  • Elbows close to body
  • Abdominals engaged
  • Relaxed neck and jaw
  • Active core
  • Shoulders away from ears
  • Relax bottom muscles
  • Tricep tone
  • Strengthen back
  • Core control
  • Back strengthening
  • Arm tone
  • Core concentration

Sequence A – flow with breathing:

Inhale – reach
Exhale -forward bend
Inhale - lift chin and chest
Exhale – downward dog
Inhale – plank / cat
Exhale – swan
Inhale – cat/plank
Exhale – downward dog
Inhale – step forward or walk hands back
Exhale – forward fold (knees can be soft to release hamstrings)
Inhale - lift body tall and reach arms to sky
Exhale - open body
Inhale – centre
Exhale - return hands to heart and engage core

Sequence B – BALANCE Sequence

BALANCE sequence

Mountain, reach, forward bend, lift, downward dog, plank, crocodile, cobra – upward dog, downward dog, downward dog, plank, crocodile, cobra – upward dog, downward dog, downward dog, plank, crocodile, cobra – upward dog, downward dog, forward bend, reach, standing back bend, mountain.


Warrior 1,2,3,Trident (pea on a fork), Revolve, Triangle

Revolve, Half Moon and Mountain


Link into flow

Sequence C – Core conditioning

Cat – Cosmic / Breathing / Extension
Side Plank
Leg lowing

Remember: All postures within comfort - movements with awareness - belly to spine throughout

For more information about yoga positions, or for any of the treatments on offer at Ragdale Hall, please get in touch with a member of the team today – we'd love to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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