Lauren Q's Best Beauty Tips

Eyes and Lashes

For a bigger looking eye, dramatise your smoky eye with a double flick – one on the top and one on the bottom – and sweep out the liner with a brush for a faded look. Your eyes will appear bigger and bolder looking.

For longer, thicker lashes always use an eye make-up remover that contains oil. The oil strengthens the lashes which helps encourage growth – avoid wipes at all costs!


For natural looking nails, use a light nude/pink Shellac. This will generally last longer than the recommended two weeks and gives the nail a nice healthy glow, which always looks neat and tidy.

For healthy, non-splitting nails, use a cuticle oil twice a day – this will act like a daily moisturiser for the nail, giving it nutrition and
hydration. It's like using a day and night cream on the face but on the nails. Don't forget about them, ladies!


NEVER use a moisturiser without a serum first. Imagine a mattress: your serum acts like springs for the mattress, giving structure and strength from within. Your cream acts like a mattress topper/protector – smoothing and protecting skin that is visible. Put simply, you wouldn't have one without the other!

Additionally, if your holiday tan is fading and starting to look dull, give the skin a treat and exfoliate off that top layer. This will take off the chalky, dull, dead skin and brighten up the tan you have left. Also, keep up with the moisturising daily. This keeps the skin hydrated which means you won't have dry and dead skin quite as soon.


If you suffer with aching shoulders, try to have regular hot baths, as the heat allows your body to relax. The heat and relaxation together act like a massage – you will feel the tension easing off as you lay back and loosen up. For an extra boost, add some Decleor Aromessence Bath de Bain – this 100% natural aromatherapy blend will soothe the mind and the body! Use at night for a fab sleep.

Tired Eyes

A great 'quick fix' for tired eyes is a cooling eye gel pillow. Gone are the days of cucumber or soggy tea bags. Revive your eyes with a refrigerated eye pad. The cold will instantly supply the eye area with blood. This will leave the eyes brighter and leave you feeling refreshed.

For more beauty tips, explore the rest of The Expert Zone and keep your eyes peeled for a wide range of handy hints from Ragdale Hall's specialists in the weeks and months to come!

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