How to Perform Angel Meditation

If you're keen to contact your Guardian Angel when you need them most, all you need to do is take a few minutes to perform angel mediation, breathe slowly and let the angels settle down your thoughts.

Here's how ...

Sit in a comfy chair
Close your eyes and breathe
Breathe slow and gently, in and out
From the soles of your feet, beautiful roots go down towards the centre of this planets heartbeat.

Lean back into the arms of your Guardian Angel, rest your head upon its chest
You are safe, you are home, and you are very much loved

Feel the healing that comes from your Guardian Angel
And when you are ready ask your Guardian Angel for what you need. Take your time. This is your space

Then when you are ready, bring the roots out of the centre of this planet
Slowly back up to the soles of your feet

Be aware of your body
And when you are ready slowly open your eyes and thank your Guardian Angel

If you'd like to be introduced to the angels, learn more about how to connect with them by taking a guided meditation at Ragdale Hall.

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