How to Get Flawless Flip Flop Feet

As the UK gets set to welcome the warmer weather, it's likely you're on the lookout for the ideal pair of sandals or flip flops to let your feet breathe throughout the summer ...

... but are your tootsies looking their best?

If not, we're here to help whip them into shape with our top tips on how to achieve flawlessly smooth flip flop feet. Check them out below ...

Flip Flop Tip #1

We can all agree that hard skin is far from sexy, so try to rasp your feet once every two weeks to remove it. Before rasping, slightly dampen the area, as this will make the hard skin come off easier.

Flip Flop Tip #2

Avoid rasping every day, however, as this will stimulate the production of hard skin.

Flip Flop Tip #3

In the evening, try to apply foot cream and wear cotton socks to aid better absorption of the products.

Flip Flop Tip #4

This may sound a little unconventional, but apply your moisturising facemask to your freshly rasped feet for unbeatable results!

If you'd prefer to give your feet a treat via one of our beauty experts, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team at Ragdale Hall to book your place.

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