How to Find the Name of Your Guardian Angel

We all have a Guardian Angel with us every single moment of our lives.

To know the name of your Guardian Angel, think back to your childhood – a favourite name of a teddy or toy, or favourite colour etc or simply choose a name. Our Guardian Angel doesn't mind, they love us unconditionally.

There are angels of healing, education and relaxation to help us in our everyday life – and remember ...

  • Angels are messengers of love.
  • An angel's role is to inspire and uplift us.
  • Angels can appear as orbs in digital photography and it is possible to see orbs with the naked eye.
  • We can see angels sparks/flashes of colour lights.
  • We can have as many angels as we need to help us on our paths.
  • We feel love, warmth and peace when an angel is near us.
  • When we notice angels in books, paintings, on the radio – as in songs – they are calling us.
  • They can teach us love, forgiveness, healing.

Empowering Angels

We have to begin to acknowledge the angels and, in doing so, ask them to step forward to empower to act. It is our birthrights to empower them.

Visualise an angel by those who are in need of help –this is an act of compassion. Extend your prayer energy to empower the higher realms.

Angels guide us:

  • When we experience a luminous object or a pathway that seems brighter and more attractive.
  • Our attention to a book the 'jumps' out at us, finding a magazine or book on a coffee table in passing.
  • Overhearing a conversation, which mentions information that can guide us.

The true role of the media, especially television, is to point out problem areas – so we can pray to the angels to send love, light and healing.

If you'd like to be gently introduced to the angels, discover how to connect with them and enjoy a guided meditation at Ragdale Hall.

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