The weird and wonderful world of Valentine’s Day gifts

Feb 05, 2013
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Reports claim Saint Valentine gulped his last breath on Rome’s Via Flaminia and uttered, “Let my memory be commemorated with gifts of edible underwear.”

The translation may have jumbled slightly during subsequent centuries, but, to this day, his influence over all things romantic, at least for one day, remains.

However, it wasn’t until the 14th Century when Geoffrey Chaucer became one of the first to associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love in his poem The Parlement of Foules, that the tradition of offering gifts began.

So you have him to thank for the ‘passionate’ ironing board your partner ‘surprised’ you with.

Over the years, though, traditional Valentine’s presents such as flowers, romantic breaks, confectionary and greeting cards have been complemented with slightly more unusual gifts as couples seek to express their feelings with their own unique slant.

From a sickly sweet personalised door mat to a guitar plectrum with a romantic message, Valentine’s Day gifts are beginning to reflect the tastes, style and personality of the recipient.

Here at Ragdale Hall we believe in spoiling the one you love with a relaxing break.

That’s why we recommend you get away from it all with our Cupid’s Couples Day and experience pampering and indulgence like no other. As part of this package you’ll enjoy:

  • The use of all facilities
  • A healthy three course buffet lunch
  • A romantic glass of pink bubbly and a sharing plate of tapas

After all, it’s what Saint Valentine would have wanted.

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