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Quick slow, slow, slow, slow – life at spa’s pace

My eye was caught, during a speedy online visit to Amazon the other day, by a book entitled “In Praise of Slowness”, in which author Carl Honoré extols the virtues of eschewing the frenetic pace at which many of us live life these days. My fleeting visit was immediately extended by some additional Googling to […]

When the swine flu’s flown, it’s time for some pampering

If you’re one of the thousands of inhabitants of the UK who have been unlucky enough to fall prey to swine flu in the past couple of months, you may still be feeling somewhat under the weather – even though you’ve long since been pronounced a completely germ-free zone. Chances are that although you’ve stoically […]

Reiki – the spa treatment that can help ease pain

The untimely death of pop icon Michael Jackson recently unleashed a wave of media coverage surrounding the problems of living with chronic pain.  How people cope with pain is generally an intensely personal matter, but Michael Jackson’s story has propelled the issue of the prolific use of painkillers very much into the public domain. Michael […]

Kick-start your healthy living campaign with a spa break

Is your lifestyle active enough?  If you live in the UK, the answer is that unless you’re an aerobics instructor, professional sportsman or other keep-fit fanatic, you probably aren’t! For despite the fact that couch potatoes are up to 50% more likely to run the risk of chronic major disease, we the great British public […]

Happy spa day – top tips for an enjoyable spa visit

Spas are one of the few remaining places in our hectic, stress-ridden world where we can truly relax – a place where the focus is on slowing down and taking time for ourselves rather than on working harder and keeping everyone else happy. However, that said, with spa visits generally limited to a period of […]

Perfect gifts for girls – spa breaks

Choosing Christmas and birthday gifts for ladies of any age can be a real challenge. There’s always the risk of getting it wrong and buying a present that the recipient isn’t too fond of or – worse still – that she actively dislikes! So once you’ve exhausted the list of usual suspects – chocolates, perfume, […]

In search of quality time? Book a spa holiday!

If terms such as “the triad of change”, “the four seasons of wellbeing” and “the five energetic intelligences” make you think of a sci-fi movie, you’ve obviously not (yet…) stumbled across the new approach to health known as Reorganisational Healing. According to its exponents, ROH is a “paradigm for the advancement of wellness, behavior change, […]