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Pampering your palate with super seeds

Many of us who grew up in the UK during the ‘60s did so with the words “Eat your greens” ringing in our ears. For in those Halcyon days voracious vegetable consumption was oft purported by parents to be the panacea for all the ills that could possibly befall a small person. Nowadays, of course, […]

Getting fit for motherhood involves more than a trip to a day spa

Pregnancy can be a frustrating time if you’re a fitness fanatic, but providing you have a clean bill of health from your GP there’s no need to hang up your trainers or leave your leotard in the drawer for nine months. A recent study, conducted by Kansas City University in America, showed that there were […]

Pregorexic or pampered – which sort of mum-to-be would you rather be?

You only need to pick up a glossy women’s magazine to see that spas are continuing to enjoy huge popularity in the UK, despite the much-publicised recession. And amongst the ever-growing list of available spa treatments which can be enjoyed during a residential or day spa experience, there are many specially adapted treatments to help […]