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Perfect gifts for girls – spa breaks

Choosing Christmas and birthday gifts for ladies of any age can be a real challenge. There’s always the risk of getting it wrong and buying a present that the recipient isn’t too fond of or – worse still – that she actively dislikes! So once you’ve exhausted the list of usual suspects – chocolates, perfume, […]

Getting fit for motherhood involves more than a trip to a day spa

Pregnancy can be a frustrating time if you’re a fitness fanatic, but providing you have a clean bill of health from your GP there’s no need to hang up your trainers or leave your leotard in the drawer for nine months. A recent study, conducted by Kansas City University in America, showed that there were […]

Spa-rty girls: beauty treatments come home

A new type of social event is enjoying increasing popularity on the other side of the Atlantic, as pamper or spa parties become all the rage. So what exactly happens at a spa party and why do people hold them? Well, the answer depends, understandably, on the budget available, the type of special occasion in […]

Boom in online gifts for mums

If you bought your Mother’s Day gift online this year, you’re part of a rapidly growing trend. For despite the much-publicised poor state of the economy, online sales figures seem to be in rude health. Figures published recently by online retail research group IMRG Capgemini reveal February’s online shopping results to be 13% ahead of […]