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The new Verandah Bar is open!

Our eagerly anticipated Verandah Bar extension project is now complete and the Bar opened to our guests this week – and we’re delighted that feedback has been fantastic. If you’ve been following our updates on the blog you’ll have seen the ‘work in progress’ photos, but we’re looking forward to getting our professional shots done […]

Kick-start your healthy living campaign with a spa break

Is your lifestyle active enough?  If you live in the UK, the answer is that unless you’re an aerobics instructor, professional sportsman or other keep-fit fanatic, you probably aren’t! For despite the fact that couch potatoes are up to 50% more likely to run the risk of chronic major disease, we the great British public […]

Pampering your palate with super seeds

Many of us who grew up in the UK during the ‘60s did so with the words “Eat your greens” ringing in our ears. For in those Halcyon days voracious vegetable consumption was oft purported by parents to be the panacea for all the ills that could possibly befall a small person. Nowadays, of course, […]

Calling time on hidden calories

If the bewildering barrage of conflicting advice published by alcohol experts on a daily basis has you drowning in a cocktail of guilt and uncertainty, you’re not alone. With some experts reassuring us that a regular glass of red wine is good for your heart whilst others dangle the spectre of alcohol’s numerous nefarious side-effects, […]

What’s on the menu?

A selection of tempting dishes, hopefully. Plus, if you happen to be frequenting certain high street restaurants, a few snippets of information which might well take the edge off your appetite – namely the calorific content of what you’re about to eat. As the UK spa and wellness industry goes from strength to strength and […]