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Why the 70s were so good for us – and why spa breaks are good for us today

Eating unhealthily can damage your carbon footprint. In fact, without being too indelicate, people who eat excessively could currently be generating an extra 60 mega-tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. This rather startling figure emerged from a recent study of eating and weight patterns by the International Journal of Epidemiology, whose main message was, […]

Kick-start your healthy living campaign with a spa break

Is your lifestyle active enough?  If you live in the UK, the answer is that unless you’re an aerobics instructor, professional sportsman or other keep-fit fanatic, you probably aren’t! For despite the fact that couch potatoes are up to 50% more likely to run the risk of chronic major disease, we the great British public […]

To BMI or not to BMI?

With Britain still hanging resolutely on to the dubious title of “fattest country in Europe”, the need to spot and tackle weight problems is greater than ever. Yet, despite mass media coverage of the problem, the UK seems to be fighting a losing battle against flab. The path to a healthy weight is undoubtedly strewn […]