Surprising benefits of cold water showers

Mar 26, 2021
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Although many of us may not particularly enjoy the feeling of being cold, the popularity of cold water therapy has grown significantly in recent years, due to its surprising and vast benefits. Whether it’s a morning dip in the ocean, a cold shower before or after exercise, or even as part of a spa day, we take a look at how the cold can be beneficial and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

It makes you feel good

Maybe not at first, but once your body adjusts to the temperature, the cold can have a profound impact on overall happiness levels by possibly reducing some symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. The science behind this can be pretty complicated, so in short – immersion into cold water may stimulate neurotransmitters responsible for boosting your mood, and it may even help to increase your energy levels. If that’s not enough, it might even improve your mental focus and quality of sleep – we’ll take two buckets of ice, please!


Muscle recovery

If you’ve just completed a challenging workout, or a new type of exercise, then you might be feeling a bit sore, (we’ve all been there!) Research suggests that by taking a cold shower after an intense workout, it can help to soothe your muscles by reducing swelling and inflammation, aiding a speedy recovery. If you’re serious about your fitness goals, then by incorporating a cold shower into your daily routine may help you to reach your goals quicker.


Shiny hair, radiant skin

Another surprising benefit of cold water is the effect it can have on your hair and skin. Exposure to cold water can help to reduce the size of your pores, and even tighten your skin – so it’s great for those prone to breakouts and those with more mature skin. The secret: cold water doesn’t encourage your body to release oils in the same way that warm water does, so you won’t be producing excess oil. The same also applies for your hair – by rinsing off your conditioner with cold water at the end, it may help your hair to appear healthy and shiny as it stimulates hair follicles.


At Ragdale

Ever-committed to your wellbeing, within Ragdale’s Thermal Spa you’ll find an array of both sensory hot and cold water experiences.

Inside this tropical playground, you’ll discover the Cave Shower; a cave lit by stars which recreates the sensation of being caught in a thunderstorm in paradise – you’ll even experience the thunder and lightning! Or opt for the Experience Showers instead and bathe in a cool mist which is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and energised.

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