Strictly spa – first steps to fitness

Sep 16, 2009
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As press reports continue to fuel excitement about the imminent return of Strictly Come Dancing, the whole nation looks poised to pounce on the remote control and tune in without delay.

From 18th September onwards, viewers will watch, spellbound, as a succession of sequin-studded professional dancers foxtrots or tangos their way across the dance floor, each with a well-intentioned (if not always well-coordinated) partner on their arm.

The combination of fabulous costumes, catchy music and a host of celebrity participants never fails to deliver high viewing figures. However, while many of these millions of viewers will be secretly wishing that they could swoop and glide in similarly graceful fashion, not quite so many of them will actually go ahead and do something about it.

In fact, when you consider the multitude of dance fitness, Pilates and fitness yoga classes that are now readily available at gyms and spas the length and breadth of Britain, it seems puzzling that more people don’t make a beeline for them in pursuit of that elusive ideal: a fit and healthy body and mind.

One possible explanation is that folk are afraid they won’t be fit enough to keep up with fellow spa-goers, and that they might end up making a fool of themselves as they sweat and struggle their way through an energetic dance routine.

Their fears would be completely misplaced, however, as any reputable gym or spa will offer a range of classes graded according to levels of fitness e.g. advanced, beginners or general. This means you can start off gently with Pilates or Tai Chi, and then gradually progress to more energetic dance fitness and aerobics classes.

If you’ve not taken exercise for several months – or even years – it’s not in anyone’s interest for you to end up in the same class as dance veterans who could salsa all night and still be fit for their jazzercise class the next day. So the first step to an enjoyable spa experience is to make sure that you select appropriate activities.

To make sure that you have time to recover in between classes, you can also pop along to a treatment room and enjoy a relaxing massage or other therapeutic treatment – such as a facial, manicure or reflexology session.

After a few days of spa pampering, combined with a sensible eating and appropriate exercise programme for your fitness level, you’ll be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – and ready to step out in style. You may even feel inspired to join a local ballroom dancing class.

Just don’t underestimate how long it could take you to sew on all those sequins…

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