Reconnect with the elements in our Thermal Spa

Oct 09, 2020
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The four elements: earth, air, fire and water represent nature in its purest form, and can be found all around us. Some believe these elements are linked to our chakras and can even have a profound healing effect on the mind, body and soul. Feel the healing power of these elements in our Thermal Spa, which features 12 luxurious heat and water features.



This element can be represented by the warmth and nutrients of the sun and is often associated with energy.

Feel warm to the core as you indulge in the sensory experience of the Rose Sauna. This rose-scented Scandinavian sauna will warm you up and re-energise your senses.

Guest relaxing in Sauna at Ragdale Hall Spa


The element of earth can symbolise the ground beneath our feet, nature and the world around us. The best way to reconnect with this element is by getting outside, going for a long walk and reconnecting with nature. At Ragdale Hall, we have a vast number of gardens and wildlife to explore, which makes for the perfect morning stroll in your dressing gown and robes. If you don’t fancy venturing outdoors, our cave showers in the Thermal Spa can create the feeling of being in an actual thunderstorm, on an island in paradise! Bliss.


Linked to emotions and imagination, this element represents a constant swirling movement which is within all of us.

Reconnect with this element by stepping down into our unique Candle Pool, found in the Thermal Spa; this is an entrancing candlelit cavern with water heated to a blissful 34 degrees. Or why not experience our five other pools including the Outdoor Waterfall Pool, or even our Whirlpool bath- perfect for couples to cosy up, unwind and reconnect.

Oh, and don’t miss the Wishing Stream – caress an age-old pebble before throwing it into the stream that runs through the centre of the spa to rid yourself of negative energy before starting your journey around the spa.


This is the element which connects all of the other elements; invisible, but absolutely essential. It gives us space to breathe and is often connected to freedom.

In the Volcanic salt bath, prepare for an intense and humid experience within a velvet darkness of hewn basalt and slate. A eucalyptus spritz in the air can help to improve breathing. Ahhhh. Or why not step away from it all, by taking in some fresh Leicestershire countryside air with panoramic views, from the Rooftop Infinity Pool?

Guests using spa facilities

At Ragdale Hall, we give you space to breathe, reflect and reconnect, so that you can feel like yourself again, ready to take on the world. For bookings, please contact our Reservations Team on 01664 33000.

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