Our guide to becoming your authentic self

Dec 09, 2021
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How do you know if you’re truly being your most authentic self? To be authentic is to be true to oneself, by listening to the things that make us truly happy and incorporating these into our lives, without being influenced by external pressures – such as social media or making compromises for loved ones. If you feel unbalanced, or if something has gone against your values, then it could be time to make a change. In this blog, we’re exploring the ways you can start to live life more authentically.

What do you value?

Think about the things that really matter to you – whether it’s a particular cause, or elements of your life which you hold close to your heart. Perhaps you’re driven by success, and your work is incredibly important to you, or you’re a homebird who gets joy out of being at home with family and loved ones. Start by making a list of everything that resonates with you and drives you in life. How much is your life currently aligning with your values? What are some actions you could take to make your life align to them more?


Make time for ‘you’

Spending time alone is important for getting to truly know ourselves, and this could range from spending an hour meditating, to sitting having a cup of tea alone in quiet contemplation. Start to do more of the things you enjoy doing, in your own company. If you enjoy reading, or doing yoga, then try to set aside half an hour every day to do the thing you love. You might surprise yourself by how much you enjoy truly just being ‘yourself’.


Expand your circle

We can be influenced by those closest to us. Take a look at who is in your innermost circle and have a think about how similar they are to your authentic self. We might not always agree with everything our loved ones do, but ultimately if your core values somewhat align, then you have something really special.

If you have a particular interest which perhaps your loved ones don’t share – (after all, life would be boring if we all liked the same things!) then why not look into expanding your circle by joining a group with other like-minded people? You could make some invaluable friendships that way and be able to talk passionately about the things you truly enjoy.


Establish boundaries

Setting boundaries is a way to show compassion and kindness to yourself. When these boundaries aren’t in place, it can be easy to deviate from being authentic. Honest, open communication is key, and if there’s something you feel uncomfortable with, know that it is perfectly okay to say no or remove yourself from the situation. Boundaries can be set for anything – from our time, emotions, energy and personal space.

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