Nordic Walking – it’s addictive! Part 2

Mar 20, 2018
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March is a notoriously fickle month for weather, but one thing that always comes, rain or shine, is the first day of spring — although it might not feel like spring, thanks to the recent “mini beast from the east“!

As we wait for the snow to thaw (again), we hear from Caroline Fisher of Nordic Walking UK who proves that comes rain or snow shower, Nordic Walking is addictive!

Caroline writes, “Not something we often say about a form of exercise but proven this weekend when, even with the terrible weather, there was a fair turnout in not very fair weather!

“The reason that it’s so addictive is because not only does it make you feel great, lift your mood, keep the pounds at bay…it is sustainable. It’s not a fad. It is something you can continue right up to a a ripe old age…and will help you attain that by keeping you fit and mobile.”

On our Nordic Walking Break (10th – 12th May 2018) you’ll join a small group of like-minded people, while learning a new skill with Caroline – a recognised Nordic Walking UK instructor. The best part is, the break offers two levels and suitable for anyone completely new to Nordic Walking, as well as those who already have the Nordic Walking UK Passport.

There is a wealth of scientific research out there to prove Nordic Walking can be effective for improving your fitness level and helping control your weight. And with inclusive treatments, unlimited use of the spa – including our brand-new Rooftop Infinity Pool – and three-course dining just some of the extra benefits of attending a walking break with us at Ragdale Hall, we’re confident you’ll relax and leave us fully revitalised too.


For full details check out our Nordic Walking Break page, or call us on 01664 433000 with any questions or to book. We hope to see you soon – poles at the ready!

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