Enjoy some Ragdale relaxation for National Relaxation Day

Aug 13, 2021
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If there ever was a day that was made perfectly for us, it’s National Relaxation Day, which is celebrated on the 15th August. Taking a break to slow down and unwind from the stresses of everyday life is essential to help you realign, recharge and reconnect with yourself. At Ragdale Hall, we like to give you your space to just ‘be’. To roam in fluffy white robes, enjoy breakfast in bed, have a dip in one of our six pools, or take a stroll through nature, so you can leave us feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your world again.


Here’s what makes us experts in total relaxation…


Soak up the breath-taking views of the Leicestershire countryside

Spending time outdoors in nature is good for your mind, body and soul, putting you on an even keel. But why is this? Serotonin is the hormone responsible for how you feel, including feelings of wellbeing and happiness, and one way it’s activated is through nature and exercise – so going on a mindful walk is perfect for lifting your spirits and making you feel calm. Take time to concentrate on the sounds and smells, as this will encourage you to feel as though you’re ‘living in the present moment’ and value the more important things in life. At Ragdale, the Hall is situated within 13 acres of countryside, we’re lucky that we’re surrounded with miles upon miles of beautiful countryside so you can enjoy a mindful walk with our walking routes, cycle or take a peaceful moment to absorb the panoramic views from our stunning Rooftop Infinity Pool!


Indulgent pampering

Practising self-care is important to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship with yourself. Self-care can come in all different forms such as meditating, journaling, eating something you enjoy or taking a nice long bath. You can’t beat pampering yourself from head to toe and we have to say, we’re quite the experts at it. There’s plenty on our treatment menu to immerse yourself in pure tranquillity and give you that ‘ahhhhh’ feeling. And if you can’t get to us, celebrate this day in style by having your own ‘spa-at-home’.


Find space to breathe in one of our relaxation rooms

Within the Hall, you’ll find plenty of warm cosy rooms, or light, airy spaces where you can spend time reconnecting with yourself, free from distraction. If you’re seeking respite and an escape from phones, clocks, work, or home pressures, you’ll be able to lounge around in white fluffy robes, grab a book and nestle into some comfy cushions in The Pavilion, or snuggle under a blanket and rest your eyes in The Retreat. With an array of relaxation rooms and lounges to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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