Meditation techniques

Apr 01, 2021
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Whether you’re new to meditation or have been practicing for years, there are many different ways you can incorporate meditation into your day to reap the benefits, which include managing symptoms of anxiety and stress, cultivating compassion, increased mental focus, or just to discover more about ourselves. In this blog, we explore some different styles of meditation so you can find a practice which is right for you, and how you can use meditation to still your mind and calm your thoughts.

Lady doing yoga outside

Guided meditation

In guided meditation, a teacher will guide you through the basic steps of the practice, and teach you how to quiet your thoughts, often by bringing your awareness to your breath. This style of meditation is often recommended for beginners, as the teacher will show you the basics and guide you into a meditative state of relaxation. If you prefer not to listen to someone else, or you’re more advanced in your practice, then unguided meditation (silence) could be the best option for you.


Through yoga and movement

Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting or lying down in a room with your eyes closed, to the sound of waterfalls streaming in through your headphones. Practicing yoga can be a fantastic way of getting in touch with your mind-body connection, by becoming more aware of not only your body, but your thoughts too. The great thing about yoga is that it’s accessible for everyone, as the poses can be adapted to suit all levels, from beginner to a more advanced practice.



For those of us who may struggle to meditate with our eyes closed lying down, there are plenty of ways to still get the benefits from meditation – by incorporating moments of micro-mindfulness into your day. For instance, you could mindfully wash your hands, mindfully chop vegetables, or go on a mindful walk, by switching off your thoughts and just focusing solely on the task in hand. Think of these small moments as a gift to yourself to still your busy mind, which is constantly churning out thoughts.

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