International Friendship Day

Jul 23, 2021
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International Friendship Day is celebrated on the 30th July, and there’s no better feeling than being surrounded by those who matter most, after all, friends are the ones that help us through the tough times and they’re also by our sides to celebrate the good. After recent lockdowns, many of us are having reunions and celebrating togetherness. This day also serves as a reminder to ‘be your own best friend’ and treat yourself the same way you’d treat those closest to you – with compassion, kindness, and support. So, just how can you be your own best friend?

Make time for friends at Ragdale Hall

Positive affirmations

These don’t need to be anything too elaborate; instead, start with simple phrases and see how you go. You can say these sentences aloud, in your head, or to yourself in a mirror. Some examples are- ‘I am doing my best’; ‘I am worthy of love’; ‘I’m proud of what I have achieved’. If you practice this every day, over time you may start to cultivate positive thought patterns, which can only lead to more positive things- and can possibly even alleviate some symptoms of stress.


Do more of what you love

Dedicate some time every day to do at least one thing that you love ­– whether that’s reading a chapter of your book, painting, practicing yoga, baking or meditating, you’ll deserve this uninterrupted ‘me time’ to put you back on an even keel.


Spend time in nature

Nature really does have healing powers, and spending time outdoors every day may help to improve your overall happiness levels. Switch off completely by going for a mindful walk, focusing only on what you can hear, smell, see and feel.


Check in on loved ones

For friends or loved ones in your life, why not take this opportunity send them some positive thoughts to remind them of how much their friendship means to you? It could be a phone call, an email or a text message to arrange a much-needed cuppa and a catch up. Or perhaps it’s just a few kind words out of the blue to show how much you care and make their world a little bit brighter.

Taking friendship into the community is also a great way to help one another, so if there’s a local initiative you’ve always wanted to be a part of, what better time to offer a helping hand?

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