How to keep your brain active this Christmas

Dec 21, 2020
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‘Tis the season to switch off from work, indulge and make time for not only your body, but your mind too. Here are some suggestions to keep your brain switched on and entertained over Christmas.

Do a puzzle

Christmas is definitely the time for being cosy, enjoying a glass of mulled wine (or two) and bringing out the board games! Puzzles are a fantastic way to keep your brain engaged, and they also provide hours of fun. Whether you’re a solo puzzle-solver or prefer working as a team, dust off your family favourite puzzles and games and put your thinking cap on!


Let’s get quizzical!

During lockdown, many of us spent our evenings taking part in virtual quizzes to stay connected with loved ones, friends and colleagues. With many of us social distancing from loved ones, this Christmas is the perfect opportunity to keep your brain ticking over with a quiz which will get you all thinking. Opt for Christmas-themed questions to make it even more Christmassy!


These boots are made for walking…

Although the cold weather can make it tempting to spend more time indoors, staying active can help your brain to stay active, too! Even a short walk can help to clear your mind and make you feel more refreshed. Spending time in nature can have positive effects on our mental wellbeing, such as reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. So, grab your walking boots and get ready to burn off the mince pies!


Read a book

Whether you prefer the feel of a paperback, or the convenience of an e-book, this Christmas is the perfect excuse to devour as many books as possible! Due to the festivities, many of us may stay up later than usual. If you’re in need of some beauty sleep, try swapping your late-night screen-time for a book instead – minimising blue light will keep your melatonin levels in check, which in turn will help to promote a healthy nights’ sleep.


Get crafty

If you’re a DIY pro or just trying out a new hobby, practicing a craft is a great way to keep your brain active and learn a new skill while you’re at it. Whether it’s crocheting, building something for the garden such as a birdhouse, making festive decorations, trying your hand at creating jewellery, (or just getting glitter everywhere!), you’re bound to find something you love. You don’t have to create a masterpiece, it’s all about enjoying taking time out of your day to be creative.

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  1. francesca lonsdale says:

    please can you let me when, or if, you are open for business? I normally stay at Grayshott Hall,but very sadly they are closed now indefinitely

    • Stacy Oldham says:

      Hi Francesca,
      We’re currently closed as we’re in a tier 3 location however we are hoping to re-open early January. You can call our reservations team on 01664 433000 to enquire about availability. We are booking up quite quickly.
      Team Ragdale

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