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Aug 05, 2022
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Did you know that there are three layers to your skin; the epidermis, dermis and sub-cutaneous layer. These layers work collectively to repair, protect and maintain the integrity of the skin as a whole, but as we get older the natural signs of ageing start to show in these layers.

The new Face Workout treatment from Decleor is designed to target skin ageing. It’s innovative routine uses toning and firming massage techniques with powerful essential oils to stimulate all 3 layers of your skin to effectively deliver a true workout leaving your skin feeling and looking brighter and revitalised.

During your treatment your therapist will perform a sequence of movements within the facial workout which use tapping, cupping, and draining massage techniques to invigorate the face which focuses on areas where noticeable ageing occurs. These gestures are designed to improve blood circulation, soften frown lines and crows’ feet, and give your skin a youthful dewy glow.

During this treatment, the power of essential oils are introduced gradually, with scents and anti-ageing properties being tailored to your skins individual needs.  Decleor’s Aromessence serums and night balms will fill the air with a comforting reassurance that your skin will feel firmer, smoother and more radiant after your face workout.

Once the workout routine is complete, warmed cleansing mitts remove excess oils and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, reshaped and re-sculpted.

To maintain the effects of your Decleor Face Workout, Decleor provide some great resources and tips on how you can perform these techniques at home too. Follow the link to found out more https://www.decleor.co.uk/skin-workout.

If you would like to experience your Decleor Face Workout on your next visit to Ragdale Hall Spa or to find out more information, please call our Treatments and Activity Advice Line on 01664 433043 or visit our website.

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