Essential oils for relaxation: warming cinnamon

Nov 19, 2020
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The festive season is upon us and Christmas is in the air…. (or it can be, by using cinnamon essential oil.)

The warm and spicy aroma of cinnamon is often associated with Christmastime, and this versatile essential oil offers a lot more than just its inviting scent – it may also come with an array of health benefits. A natural remedy for colds and coughs, this powerful oil can stimulate circulation, ward off bacterial infections, improve digestive function and even be used as a stress reliever.


Around the home

Add cinnamon oil to your diffuser and let the warm, inviting and Christmassy scent envelop you as it works its magic! If you’re diffusing, it’s important to note that as cinnamon oil is quite strong, it should be mixed with other scents to soften it slightly. If you’ve got a blocked nose, the warming aroma of cinnamon oil can be helpful in opening the throat and nose. For this, try combining four drops of cinnamon oil with five drops of peppermint oil, for a ‘fire and ice’ spa at home feeling.


Spa at home


Cinnamon oil can be used for improving blood circulation, which is why therapists say it makes an incredible massage oil! It’s best practice to use cinnamon with a carrier oil such as rosehip or coconut oil, or by combining with other soothing oils such as lavender or tea tree. Simply glide onto the skin to soothe away muscle soreness and melt away tension. For this reason, it’s also great to use after exercise, so make sure you stock up in time for your next home workout!


For an extra bit of pampering, treat your feet to a foot bath by adding a drop of cinnamon essential oil – it’s also suggested to help fungal infections, so if you’re an athlete’s foot sufferer, give this natural remedy a go. Your feet will thank you!



If, like many of us, your hands are feeling dry, irritated and unloved from using hand sanitiser, cinnamon essential oil can come to the rescue! Only use one drop (one drop goes a long way!) and combine with other soothing oils such as lavender for super soft and clean hands. If you’ve been typing away all day on your laptop, as a natural circulation-stimulator, it can also help to relieve any cramps or aches.

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