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Introducing Clarisonic

While cleansing is the first step in any skin care ritual, it is often overlooked. Typical manual cleansing can leave behind dirt and oil trapped in pores. This build-up can damage the appearance and health of your skin and keep your skin care products from working like they should. Used and recommended by spas and […]

Fruitful spa beauty treatments

Thanks to the ubiquitous advertising campaigns mounted by the UK government over the past few years, we’re all well aware that we should be aiming to ingest five portions of fruit and/or veg every day to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. It’s well worth remembering that fruit is an immensely versatile ally when it […]

Romantic weekends away – pamper the one you love

As the last lonely half-price boxes of Christmas cards vanish from stationers’ and supermarket shelves across the UK, those same shelves will be rapidly engulfed by a veritable “red sea” of Valentine’s cards. And meanwhile, a host of love struck Romeos and Juliets will start contemplating the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat for their loved one. […]

Dancing down at the spa

If you’re already suffering withdrawal symptoms at the very thought of having to do without your weekly dose of dancing, put luxury spa Ragdale Hall’s forthcoming dance event at the top of your Christmas list. This innovative three-night break is being offered from Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th February 2011, and will give you the chance to […]

Spa gifts and vouchers – Santa’s little helpers

Are you tired of the omnipresent tinsel tat that pervades UK high streets every winter? Are your ears tired of listening to those infernal festive tunes tra la la-ing in the background in shopping malls across the country? If you find such premature manifestations of the impending festive season simply too depressing, filling you with […]

Spa breaks – for once it is all about you

Sara Cox certainly wasn’t far wrong when she wrote in a column in She magazine recently, “It’s not all about me anymore”. She was referring to the experience of becoming a mother and to the realisation that she now had to put others before herself – which, I suppose, must be even more of a […]