Jun 23, 2023

Awards Night: An inspiring evening celebrating local heroes and the unveiling of renamed Ragdale Hall Community Chest

As an independent family run business we are proud to be part of the local community with many of our guests and suppliers and most of our 500 plus employees residing in the local area. Partnered with The Melton Times, Ragdale Hall Community Chest (previously known as Make It Happen) gives us a chance to give something back and to form wonderful relationships with an even wider group of people and organisations. With the completion of our latest Awards Night, we will have been able to give over £150,000 over the past 15 years, to a huge variety of deserving schemes.

Community and voluntary groups, charities, sports clubs and other worthy causes applied for a cut of our £10,000 donation, asking for grants ranging from around £200 up to £1,000.  These sums of money enable events to take place in and around the borough, and to help with communal projects and some much-needed care to those in need.

On Monday 12th June 2023, we had the honour of meeting and talking to numerous organisations and charities as they collected their cheques and shared their stories.

After a warm welcome, drinks reception and some light bites, this dedicated group congregated for the Ragdale Hall Community Chest presentation, hosted by Melton Times Editor, Nick Rennie. With a handshake and heart felt congratulations from co-owner Michael Issacs and Managing Director, Hugh Wilson, 25 charities were awarded their cheques and certificates. Interviewed by Nick, each charity shared some truly wonderful stories and anecdotes on what their day to day consists of alongside how this money will impact peoples lives in the most positive way.

It was a wonderful night full of uplifting stories and a passion for making the world a better place plus an air of excitement of all the good works that are yet to come upon receiving their donation.

We look forward to seeing your projects of care take place, and a huge thank you to all those that came and were able to take time out of their busy schedules to support plus for all their efforts into making a difference to our flourishing community.

To apply for Ragdale Hall Community Chest 2024 for your cause, make sure you keep a look out in The Melton Times newspaper early next year.

To see all the photographs from the Awards Night, click the link to The Melton Times newspaper.

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