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Classic Manicure

Treatment Time: 40 minutes   Price: £45

Replenish your skin with essential moisture with this soothing hand treatment. This therapy helps to maintain the skin on the hands and cuticles, exfoliating, moisturising and conditioning to renew and revitalise. After a hand massage your treatment will be completed with your chosen nail lacquer shade.

NB. If you wish to have a French Manicure you should book the Luxury Manicure. French style polish is not available in the Classic treatment.

To ensure maximum benefit from your hand and foot treatments, please remove polish or gel polish prior to treatments. If you already have Gel Polish on your nails please advise us on booking. We will then ensure additional time is added to your treatment. NB: Polish removal is £26. Regrettably we are unable to remove any brand of gel polish other than O.P.I.


Contra Indications
AAn allergic disposition or have known allergies to food stuffs
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Your treatment will be confirmed on arrival via your Treatment and Activity Schedule.

Price: £45

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