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NEW! Mind Body Memory – Vitamin and Mineral Imbalance Testing

Treatment Time: 50 minutes   Price: £82

Do you need food supplements? Are you sure you are taking the right ones? Do they clash with your medication?

Supplements can be beneficial to you, but in some cases may clash with your general state or other medication you maybe taking. This can cause imbalances within the body which could increase the bodies stress and toxicity levels.

Using Applied Kinesiology techniques combined with principles from Chinese medicine and energy medicine methods, widely used by healthcare professionals, discover how vitamins and minerals are good, harmful or indifferent for you.

This unique treatment will identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies or excesses, and focus on the right balance to help find the best nutritional support to suit your personal needs. Taking the right combination of nutrients will improve energy levels, strenghten the immune system and nourish your body.

This test cannot replace proper medical check up or examination. This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability and therefore not available on all days of the week.


Contra Indications
PCurrently pregnant or within 6 weeks of birth or breastfeeding. (Some of the treatments which are safe during pregnancy should not be carried out during 0-12 weeks, please contact the Treatments Advice Line prior to booking for further details)
Metal plates or pins or have a pacemaker
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Price: £82

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