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Treatment Time: 50 minutes   Price: £86

Hypnotherapy approaches and activates the subconscious mind in order to help resolve a multitude of deep-rooted long-term issues. These can include worries, anxieties, stress, a negative mind-set, traditional fears and phobias, lack of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Modern Hypnotherapy in combination with other therapies is widely accepted by medics for the treatment of addictions, insomnia, eating disorders and many more.

Heli is a very experienced Hypnotherapist who will listen to your personnel problems with the aim of achieving solutions, leaving you with better coping mechanisms and a positive mind set.

Find out more about the ins and outs of hypnotherapy by reading Heli Goode’s interview with the Good Spa Guide here.

Please note: for any weight related issues it is advisable to book Mind Band Hypnotherapy.
This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability and therefore not available on all days of the week.

Contra Indications
Systemic disorders e.g. epilepsy, kidney problems etc
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Price: £86

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