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Food Intolerance Test and Nutritional Consultation

Treatment Time: up to 50 minutes   Price: £82

Millions of people suffer from food sensitivity/intolerance of some type, leading to years of ill health. Many go from doctor to doctor in an effort to solve the problem without any success.

Food intolerances usually manifest themselves within 1-72 hours of eating. There is not a proven immune response in this type of reaction and it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly when intolerance to a certain food has begun. For many people the problems start with a headache or poor digestion, bloating, gas and pain. Slowly over the years health problems become worse and new symptoms will follow. These symptoms can fluctuate from day to day but generally sufferers feel constantly tired, are prone to infections and skin complaints and may even suffer from depression or mood swings. This simple, non-invasive, painless applied kinesiology test with Heli Goode is a valuable tool in helping you detect the causes of your condition and so aim to improve your immune system.

This test cannot replace proper medical check up or examination. This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability and therefore not available on all days of the week.

Contra Indications
PCurrently pregnant or within 6 weeks of birth or breastfeeding. (Some of the treatments which are safe during pregnancy should not be carried out during 0-12 weeks, please contact the Treatments Advice Line prior to booking for further details)
Metal plates or pins or have a pacemaker
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Price: £82

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